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Javelin TodoFRP

An implementation of ToDoFRP using Javelin, Domina and Dommy


View the demo here.


Install Leiningen2

Run lein cljsbuild once to generate the JavaScript.

Open public/index.html in your favorite browser.

Reactive programming

Javelin drives the functional reactive programming of this project.

The full todo list is stored in the todo cell and other cells then react to changes to this cell value. When the todo cell value changes:

  • The todo list is rendered in show-todos
  • save-todos! is called to persist the todo list to localStorage
  • The values of the active-items and completed-items cells are changed, which in turn updates the active and completed display count.


Routing is handled by the Google Closure library. When the route changes, the content of the filter-fn cell is changed. This causes the show-todos cell to react to this change, in turn rendering which todos are to be displayed.

Domina, Dommy

Domina is used to select and manipulate the DOM elements, and for event handling. Dommy is only used for HTML templating during the display of the todos. These libraries can be replaced with other equivalent libraries as required.


Copyright © 2013 Michael Lim

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.