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           aerotools: tools for the aquaero(R) 4.0 USB device
                   (C) 2010 by lynix <>

aerotools is a collection of linux programs for getting status information via
USB from the aquaero(R) 4.0 USB device (see AQUAERO). It currently consists of
a CLI (see AEROCLI), a daemon (see AEROD) and a library for the device
communication, which the cli and daemon are built on top of.

aerotools is neither supposed to be a replacement for the existing 'aeinfo' (see
AEINFO), nor to be a complete linux interface for the device. It was written for
retrieving data (sensors, device serial, etc.) from the aquaero(R) device, and
easily integrating it into bash-scripts or conky. Nothing more, nothing less.

The device library depends on libusb-1.0 (which is the current stable version,
according to
There are no other dependencies - except glibc, of course.

aerocli can be used to query all useful information the aquaero(R) device holds
("useful" is subjective here, of course) in a non-interactive way, and thus may
be easily integrated in scipts.

The daemon, aerod, was written to integrate the data read from the aquaero(R)
device in any application that can query hddtemp (e.g. using '${hddtemp}' in
conky). Sensor names are represented as virtual nodes under /dev (e.g.
/dev/temp3) for the third temperature sensor.
As hddtemp only provides integers, the reported values are not as precise as
the aquaero(R) provides them.

aerod can act as a transparent proxy for an existing hddtemp instance, so you
don't loose your hddtemp data when using aerod.

The aquaero(R) 4.0 USB device is an awesome fan controlling and hardware
monitoring device for water-cooled computer systems, created by the German
company 'Aqua Computer' ( You can find more
information about the device on their website.

aeinfo is the original linux software, the aquaero(R) comes shipped with. It was
written in C++ by Christian Unger <>. The development seems
currently freezed. You can find more information about aeinfo on the development
Unlike aerotools, it was designed to allow not only querying but also changing
settings on the aquaero(R) device.

I only own one aquaero(R) 4.0 USB device, with four fans and two sensors
attached, so I'm currently not able to implement querying  other stuff like LEDs
or Aquastream(R), which can be connected to the device.
If you own such equipment and would like to support the development, please feel
free to submit pull requests or fork the project. Hardware donations are also
welcome, of course ;)

My aquaero(R) is installed in an x86_64 box, so I'm reliant to your bug reports
for i686, etc.

Feel free to report any bugs you find using the 'issues' function on GitHub. If
you wish to contact the author, you can drop him an email to
You might wish to use his GPG key, #4804CCA9 on

This program is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
version 3. See the file 'LICENSE' for more information.