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Alternative Facts Hangman / #TrueFacts Hangman

Make Hangman great again!

Hangman is an offensive, triggering game making light of a punishment given to black ancestry for the color of their skin and nothing more.

Play here: Alternative Facts Hangman *Clone or download to implement locally, opening the index file in your browser.

How to play Alternative Facts Hangman

To play, simply click the 'Start Execution' button. You'll have 6 guesses and will be provided a hint for a mystery word, and with each wrong answer you're closer to hanging an innocent young black woman.

How to play #TrueFacts Hangman

To play this version, click 'Try #TrueFacts Hangman' below the game screen. You will be directed to an alternate version of the game, where, like in real life, it doesn't matter if you guess the right letter (or tell the truth, or are not guilty of the crime), in three guesses your victim will be executed.

Tech Stack

This was built with HTML5/CSS3/JS/jQuery, and that's it. Very simply designed with as few lines of code (outside of comments) as I could manage.

Why make something so depressing, and open source no less?

Why would anyone create a game that trivializes death in the first place? Why make a game that brings up memories of black, indigenous, and wrongly persecuted people of all walks hung from trees and disrespected?

Coding is an art form, and art expresses what words cannot. This 'installation' expresses how it feels to be triggered randomly (daily, consistently) as a black person, and often times in this industry.

What's next?

This was built within a few days under tight time constraints. If given more time I'd love to add Bootstrap or another CSS framework with SASS to extend the UI. I'd add some gradients and moving elements to fit web trends and extend the experience. I'd also add more media queries and breakpoints to ensure mobile compatibility on all devices. Right now there's a fix for mobile, added as a comment to implement at a later time. Finally, I'd love to add a more robust question bank with other topical words to guess.

This was written with a TON of comments in order to be used as curriculum for any nonprofit organization teaching people of color or women to code. Please use this as a project, have students extend it, etc.