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Hollywood Age Gap

An informational site showing the age gap between movie love interests.


You can download a CSV of the site's data here:

If you use the data somewhere else, a link back to would be appreciated!


There's a lot of movies in the world, so the one you're looking for might be missing. If you'd like to see a movie added to the site, please contribute.


Any movie can be added if it follows these rules:

  • The two (or more) actors play actual love interests (not just friends, coworkers, or some other non-romantic type of relationship)
  • The youngest of the two actors is at least 17 years old
  • Not animated characters


If you don't want to deal with the codebase, you can tweet suggestions to @lynnandtonic.

Submit an issue

Submit a GitHub issue with the movie and actors you'd like to add.

Please include the release year for the movie and each actor's birthdate.

Contribute to the codebase

Actor and movie data are stored in JSON files.

Add actors

First check to see if the actors you are referencing are in data/actors.

If you need to add an actor, create a .json file with the actor's first and last name, gender (man/woman), and birthday (YYYY-MM-DD):

  "name": "Jane Doe",
  "gender": "woman",
  "born": "1975-12-30"

Name the file with the actor's name, using underscores between words or in place of hyphens (all lowercase): jane_doe.json and save it to data/actors.

Add movies

Create the movie .json file in data/movies with the movie title, year released, director, and actor names:

    "name": "A Great Movie",
    "year": 2016,
    "director": "Sally Jones",
    "relationships": [
        ["John Smith", "Jane Doe"]

Name the file with the movie title and year, using underscores between words or in place of hyphens (all lowercase): a_great_movie_2016.json and save it to data/movies.

If a movie has more than one couple, you can add those in the same movie file.

    "relationships": [
        ["John Smith", "Jane Doe"],
        ["George Glass", "Sarah Connor"]

If the relationship is a man/woman couple, please put the man's name first. If it's a same-gender couple, any order is fine.

To build the site locally:

npm install
npm run dev

Navigate to localhost:3456

Editing templates

Template content is written in Pug templates which produce the site HTML.

The Pug files are located in /src/views/templates.

Note that these aren't markdown files and the syntax and whitespace you use does matter quite a bit. See the Pug documentation to see how to use Pug.

Editing CSS

This site uses Stylus for preprocessing. Please follow the established indentation and commenting patterns.

Stylus files are located in /assets.

Declaration Order

Please use the following loose declaration order:

  • Box-model properties
  • Display and Positioning
  • Backgrounds
  • Borders
  • Box Shadows
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Other


🎬 The age difference in years between movie love interests.



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