A vim plugin that provides the function to automatically preview a given pandoc file in your favorite pdf viewer
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Pandoc Preview plugin


pandoc-preview.vim is just a minimalistic plugin that I use personally for previewing pandoc. There are two commands that come with the plugin:

  • PandocPreview: compile the pdf file and launch it with the configured pdf reader; after that each time the file is written the pdf will be updated
  • PandocCompile: compile the pdf file only

Quick start

  1. Configure your pdf reader by adding this to your .vimrc (this step is quite necessary as the default might not exist in your system):

    let g:pandoc_preview_pdf_cmd = "zathura" 
  2. Add a keybinding (for best effect put it in ~/.vim/ftplugin/{markdown.vim, pandoc.vim}):

    nnoremap <leader>v :PandocPreview<cr>
  3. Now open a .md and press the key!


The following variables can be changed as you like

  • g:pandoc_preview_pdf_cmd: the cmd used to open the pdf
  • g:pandoc_path: the path to your pandoc binary
  • g:pandoc_generate_pdf_dir: the directory where the generated pdf will be put; default to the same directory as the file currently being edited