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Mounting Routes

The authentication routes must be mounted to your project. This gem includes a route helper for this purpose:

mount_devise_token_auth_for - similar to devise_for, this method is used to append the routes necessary for user authentication. This method accepts the following arguments:

Argument Type Default Description
class_name string 'User' The name of the class to use for authentication. This class must include the model concern described here.
options object {at: 'auth'} The routes to be used for authentication will be prefixed by the path specified in the at param of this object.


# config/routes.rb
mount_devise_token_auth_for 'User', at: 'auth'

Any model class can be used, but the class will need to include DeviseTokenAuth::Concerns::User for authentication to work properly.

You can mount this engine to any route that you like. /auth is used by default to conform with the defaults of the ng-token-auth module and the jToker plugin.