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devise_token_auth 1.1.0 installation fails with "undefined method 'devise' for User" #1276

drj17 opened this issue Mar 31, 2019 · 8 comments


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@drj17 drj17 commented Mar 31, 2019

When posting issues, please include the following information to speed up the troubleshooting process:

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Rails Version: 5.2.3
  • Rails Stacktrace:
rake aborted!
NoMethodError: undefined method `devise' for User (call 'User.connection' to establish a connection):Class
/app/models/user.rb:8:in `include'
/app/models/user.rb:8:in `<class:User>'
/app/models/user.rb:3:in `<main>'
/config/routes.rb:2:in `block in <main>'
/config/routes.rb:1:in `<main>'
/config/environment.rb:5:in `<main>'
Tasks: TOP => db:migrate => db:load_config => environment
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

Given the current installation settings in the documentation, installation fails in a brand new rails project.

@drj17 drj17 changed the title devise_token_auth 1.1.0 is unusable, fails with "undefined method 'devise' for User" devise_token_auth 1.1.0 installation fails with "undefined method 'devise' for User" Mar 31, 2019
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@vinhkq vinhkq commented Apr 2, 2019

You can add extend Devise::Models in User.rb Model.
It fixed for me.

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@dks17 dks17 commented Apr 6, 2019

This is Devise issue, but not the gem. And this is a Stack Overflow question.

ActiveRecord ORM was hard coded inside of the gem before. Now you must follow by Devise configuration.

  # ==> ORM configuration
  # Load and configure the ORM. Supports :active_record (default) and
  # :mongoid (bson_ext recommended) by default. Other ORMs may be
  # available as additional gems.
  require 'devise/orm/<%= options[:orm] %>'

Check also the gem doc.

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@jeffjiang0613 jeffjiang0613 commented Apr 14, 2019

I have met with the same issue in version 1.1.0, when I change the devise_token_auth to previous version 1.0.0, it works.

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@drj17 drj17 commented Apr 14, 2019

I would argue this is not a devise issue because you cannot install this gem with the readme as is. Perhaps someone would like to make that pull request? I could do it one I get access to a computer

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@reneclavijo reneclavijo commented Apr 17, 2019

I had the same issue, and just with 1.0.0 version works fine. If I use extend Devise::Models in User.rb raise an error with /auth/sign_in (creating sessions)

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@CDimonaco CDimonaco commented May 21, 2019

The update to the latest version should be documented in a better way, the way to go is create an initializer for devise and load active record, like @drj17 said, the changelog of this gem does not mention the upgrade step, and does not mention the new devise dependency.

I think we should definitely put something in the installation documentation, or at least an 'upgrade' section in the gem docs.

mc-chinju added a commit to mc-chinju/qiita_clone that referenced this issue Jun 14, 2019
aaaaninja pushed a commit to aaaaninja/happy_trigger that referenced this issue Aug 15, 2019

こんなバグが現在ある, ので提示されていた解決法をやった.

                   Prefix Verb   URI Pattern                                                                              Controller#Action
         new_user_session GET    /auth/sign_in(.:format)                                                                  devise_token_auth/sessions#new
             user_session POST   /auth/sign_in(.:format)                                                                  devise_token_auth/sessions#create
     destroy_user_session DELETE /auth/sign_out(.:format)                                                                 devise_token_auth/sessions#destroy
        new_user_password GET    /auth/password/new(.:format)                                                             devise_token_auth/passwords#new
       edit_user_password GET    /auth/password/edit(.:format)                                                            devise_token_auth/passwords#edit
            user_password PATCH  /auth/password(.:format)                                                                 devise_token_auth/passwords#update
                          PUT    /auth/password(.:format)                                                                 devise_token_auth/passwords#update
                          POST   /auth/password(.:format)                                                                 devise_token_auth/passwords#create
 cancel_user_registration GET    /auth/cancel(.:format)                                                                   devise_token_auth/registrations#cancel
    new_user_registration GET    /auth/sign_up(.:format)                                                                  devise_token_auth/registrations#new
   edit_user_registration GET    /auth/edit(.:format)                                                                     devise_token_auth/registrations#edit
        user_registration PATCH  /auth(.:format)                                                                          devise_token_auth/registrations#update
                          PUT    /auth(.:format)                                                                          devise_token_auth/registrations#update
                          DELETE /auth(.:format)                                                                          devise_token_auth/registrations#destroy
                          POST   /auth(.:format)                                                                          devise_token_auth/registrations#create
      auth_validate_token GET    /auth/validate_token(.:format)                                                           devise_token_auth/token_validations#validate_token
             api_v1_posts GET    /api/v1/posts(.:format)                                                                  api/v1/posts#index
                          POST   /api/v1/posts(.:format)                                                                  api/v1/posts#create
              api_v1_post GET    /api/v1/posts/:id(.:format)                                                              api/v1/posts#show
                          PATCH  /api/v1/posts/:id(.:format)                                                              api/v1/posts#update
                          PUT    /api/v1/posts/:id(.:format)                                                              api/v1/posts#update
                          DELETE /api/v1/posts/:id(.:format)                                                              api/v1/posts#destroy
       rails_service_blob GET    /rails/active_storage/blobs/:signed_id/*filename(.:format)                               active_storage/blobs#show
rails_blob_representation GET    /rails/active_storage/representations/:signed_blob_id/:variation_key/*filename(.:format) active_storage/representations#show
       rails_disk_service GET    /rails/active_storage/disk/:encoded_key/*filename(.:format)                              active_storage/disk#show
update_rails_disk_service PUT    /rails/active_storage/disk/:encoded_token(.:format)                                      active_storage/disk#update
     rails_direct_uploads POST   /rails/active_storage/direct_uploads(.:format)                                           active_storage/direct_uploads#create
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@dkniffin dkniffin commented Oct 18, 2019

Any progress on this? I'm running into the same issue. @Tiltorito I see you opened a PR but the tests were failing. To me it looks like the reason was an intermittent issue with Travis. You could try restarting the build and that might fix it, but I could be way off base.

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@udit99 udit99 commented Aug 18, 2021

Ran into the same issue. Things that didnt work for me:

  1. Adding extend Devise::Models in User.rb
  2. rails generate devise:install after getting the error.

What worked for me:

  1. Rollback any changes files/migrations made by the devise_token_auth. Get to a state where your app has never heard of this gem.
  2. Before doing anything with devise_token_auth, first install devise by adding to Gemfile and running bundle install
  3. Run rails generate devise:install as per devise's installation instructions
  4. This will generate 2 files: config/initializers/devise.rb and config/locales/devise.en.yml
  5. Now start with devise_token_auth instructions by adding to Gemfile/bundle install/running the generator (rails g devise_token_auth:install User auth)

If this is the best way to solve this problem, I'd be happy to create a PR for the docs, but sounds like there are a lot of ways to skin this cat and not all of them work for everyone

EvitanRelta added a commit to EvitanRelta/cvwo-holiday-assignment that referenced this issue Jan 11, 2022
EvitanRelta added a commit to EvitanRelta/cvwo-holiday-assignment that referenced this issue Jan 11, 2022
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