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Current Version: 5.8
ctags-5.8 (09 Jul 2009)
* Removed ".ml" as a Lisp extension (now OCaml) [Lisp].
* Added support for Ant language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for DOS Batch language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for Flex (Adobe) language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for MATLAB language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for Objective Camel (OCaml), provided by Vincent Berthoux [Patch #2738723].
* Added support for TeX language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for VHDL language, contributed by Nicolas Vincent [Bug #1943306].
* Added support for Pyrex/Cython declarations [Python].
* Added support for "v" kind, for variables [Python].
* Added support for class and member variables [PHP, Bug #1037086].
* Added support for recent enhancements to Eiffel language [Eiffel].
* Added support for ASP classes, contributed by Zendhi Nagao; changes meaning of 'c' kind flag [ASP].
* Added regex support when compiling with MinGW. Gnu regex module now included in all distributions.
* Fixed detection of triple strings inside other strings [Python, Bug #1988130].
* Fixed an endless loop with comments in triple strings [Python, Bug #1988027].
* Fixed bug where functions were sometimes seen as methods [Python, Bug #1988026].
* Fixed parsing of method parameter annotations, fix contributed by Paolo "blaisorblade" Giarrusso [Java, Bug #2049723, #2117073].
* Fixed parsing of global scope qualifiers in base class lists [C++, Bug #1799343].
* Fixed bug where namespace members were given kinds corresponding to globals [C++, Bug #1924919, #1575055].
* Fixed parsing of "else" [C#, Bug #1830344].
* Fixed parsing of derived enums [C#, Bug #1515910].
* Fixed parsing of "foreach" [C#, Bug #1830343].
* Fixed parsing of simple generic classes [C#, Bug #1515910].
* Fixed bug with detecting identifiers inside variables [Python, Bug #1809024].
* Fixed bug with detecting identifiers at the start of variables [Python, Bug #1856363].
* Fixed parsing of triple single-quoted multi-line strings [Python, Bug #1906062].
* Changed to newer version of autoconf, changing to
ctags-5.7 (04 Sep 2007)
* Added support for DIM AS [Freebasic, Bug #1741778].
* Added support for arbitrary nesting depth [Python, Bug #1684786, Debian bug #409078].
* Added support for verbatim string literals [C#, Bug #1515910].
* Added support for .ctags as well as ctags.cnf on Windows [Bug #1246506].
* Added support for non-extern, non-static functions returning wchar_t, contributed by Aaron Peromsik [C++, Patch #1458930].
* Added support for numerous revision control systems including Bazaar and Mercurial [Bug #1472894].
* Added support for enums [Java, Bug #1730485, Bug #1517143, Patch #1027395, Patch #1528507].
* Added support for multiple-level namespace declarations [C#].
* Added .svn to list of directories ignored during recursion (--recurse).
* Added support for BlitzBasic, PureBasic and FreeBasic [FR #1100506].
* Added support for interfaces and static/public/protected/private functions [PHP].
* Added support for 'package' keyword [Perl].
* Added support for multi-line subroutine, package, and constant definitions [Perl].
* Added support for optional subroutine declarations [Perl].
* Added support for formats [Perl].
* Added support for new convert keyword [Eiffel].
* Added optional tags for forward variable declarations (e.g. 'struct C;') [C, C++].
* Changed parsing of option input file (-L) to strip trailing white space.
* Ignore comments mixed into definitions and declarations [Perl].
* Fixed detecting labels with whitespace after label name [Perl, Bug #1752361]
* Fixed parsing of generic classes/interfaces [Java, Bug #1447756].
* Fixed misidentification of fully qualified function calls as labels [Perl].
* Fixed parsing of inner classes [Python, Bug #1411963].
* Fixed line continuation [Python, Bug #928001, Patch #819471].
* Fixed parsing of annotations [Java, Bug #1691412].
* Fixed block-comment parsing [Verilog, Patch #1458042, Bugs #960316, #1111214, #1606569, #1615060].
* Fixed typo in man page [Debian bug #366412].
* Fixed missing chunk of text in man page and over-use of hyphens in UTF-8 locales [Debian bug #271323].
* Fixed parsing of ` as a method name [Ruby].
* Fixed parsing of keywords in string literals [Ruby, Bug #1742588].
* Fixed potential segmentation violation [Bug #1672834, Bug #1222926].
* Fixed parsing of destructors with whitespace after the '~' [C++, Bug #1585745].
* Fixed default access of unions to be public [C++, Bug #1548443].
* Fixed various memory leaks, mostly contributed by Dmitry Antipov.
* Fixed parsing of `define [Verilog, Bug #961001].
* Fixed crashes involving '/' [Verilog, Bug #1743330].
* Fixed compilation problem on MinGW [Bug #1517424].
* Fixed generation of HTML-formatted man page [Bug #1645864].
* Fixed recognition of Python scripts having '#!/usr/bin/python' as first line [Bug #1764148].
* Fixed parsing of Fortran comment-to-end-of-line with no newline before EOF [Debian bug #432872].
* Fixed parsing of << [C/C++, Bugs #1020715, #1093123, #1770479, #1770607].
* Fixed parsing of fully-qualified type names [Java, Bug #814263].
* Fixed handling of lone carriage-return characters in file [Bug #1773926].
ctags-5.6 (Mon May 29 2006)
* Reformatted code for independence of tab stop setting.
* Changed default configuration to disable installation of etags links.
* Changed --langmap to first unmap each supplied extension from other languages.
* Added support for ASP constants [ASP, Patch #961842].
* Added support for GNU make extensions [Make].
* Added .mk as extension recognized as a make language file [Make].
* Added missing help for list-maps options [Bug #1201826].
* Added new extension field "typeref" [thanks to Bram Moolenaar].
* Extended functionality of Ruby parser with patch from Elliott Hughes [Ruby].
* Fixed creation of TAGS file with etags-include but no files [Bug #941233].
* Fixed problem reading last line of list file (-L) without final newline.
* Fixed infinite loop that could occur on files without final newline [C, Java].
* Fixed incorrect tag for first field of table [SQL].
* Fixed missing tags for functions beginning with underscore [Sh].
* Fixed missing tags for functions with variable arg list [C, Bug #1201689].
* Fixed parsing problem with parentheses in argument list [C, Bug #1085585].
* Fixed problem in preprocessor directive handling [C, Bug #1086609].
ctags-5.5.4 (Thu Mar 25 2004)
* Fixed broken -R option.
ctags-5.5.3 (Sun Mar 14 2004)
* Removed forgotten debug statement [Bug #811704].
* Added support for Perl labels.
* Added support for Perl "use constant" [Perl, Patch #853704, Feature Request
* Added support for package qualification of tags, removing useless "package"
tag kind [Perl, Feature Request #448887].
* Added support for "and" keyword [SML, Bug #816636].
* Added support for variables [PHP].
* Fixed problem destroying tag file with certain info options [Bug #845502].
* Fixed portability problem [DJGPP].
* Fixed problem of double characters in signature field [C, Bug #852368].
* Fixed problem manifested by errant preprocessor conditionals [Bug #839162].
* Fixed incorrect line address in tag file for SQL tags [SQL, Bug #823000].
* Fixed incorrect recognition of POD paragraph [Perl, Bug #842077].
* Fixed spurious tags for for C++ member templtates [C++, Bug #849591].
* Fixed missing tags related to template specializations [C++, Bug #872494].
* Fixed spurious local tags for statements following labels [C].
* Fixed missing tags for certain scoped functions [Vim].
* Fixed infinite loop in Fortran parser.
* Fixed missing tags for certain initializers [Fortran, Bug #877956].
* Fixed problem with comment line after continuation character [Fortran,
Bug #858165].
ctags-5.5.2 (Wed Sep 17 2003)
* Added tags for local variables for C-based languages [C/C++/C#/Java/Vera,
Feature Request #449503].
* Fixed compilation problem due to type change made to accomodate change of
return type of _findfirst() in VisualStudio.Net [Win32, Bug #775789].
* Fixed problems with certain bit fields.
ctags-5.5.1 (Wed Jul 30 2003)
* Changed supported tag kinds for Verilog parser during overhaul.
* Restored exit of program after --help, --license, and --version options [Bug
#717311, #751240].
* Removed inclusion of general.h (GPL) from readtags.c (public domain).
* Added support for tags for labels [PL/SQL].
* Added support for tags for constant definitions [PHP].
* Fixed redundant parsing of configuration file [Windows, Bug #768814].
* Fixed missing tags for definitions spanning lines [Verilog, Bug #762027].
* Fixed compilation error for uncommon hosts.
* Fixed missing tags for Korn shell specific function definitions. [Sh,
Bug #769184]
* Fixed missing tags when semicolon separator appears [Fortran, Bug #734933].
* Fixed missing tags when endsubroutine keyword appears [Fortran, Bug #726712].
* Fixed problem with fixed-form line continuation following comment [Fortran,
Bug #726875].
* Fixed missing tags for nested blocks [PL/SQL, Bug #722501].
* Fixed missing tags for function typedefs [C].
* Fixed inability to map empty extension when path contained dot [Bug #742689].
ctags-5.5 (Tue Apr 1 2003)
* Changed kind indicator for methods from 'f' to 'm' [Tcl].
* Changed tags within interfaces to be disabled by default (like prototypes in
C/C++) [Fortran].
* Removed explicit descriptions of individual --<LANG>-types options from
--help output. See new --list-languages and --list-kinds options.
* Removed explicit list of supported languages and supported tag kinds and
mapping patterns from man page. See new --list-languages, --list-kinds, and
--list-maps options.
* Renamed --<LANG>-types option to --<LANG>-kinds (still accepts old name).
* Added --list-kinds option.
* Added --list-maps option.
* Added --list-languages option.
* Added support for dimensioned variables, contributed by Simon Bohlin [ASP].
* Added support for C# language.
* Added support for Erlang language, contributed by Brent Fulgham.
* Added support for HTML language files.
* Added support for JavaScript language files.
* Added support for SML (Standard ML) language, contributed by Venkatesh Prasad.
* Added mapping for .plx to Perl.
* Added tags for autocommand groups [Vim, Patch #664685].
* Added support for numerous language extensions [Fortran].
* Added '$', 'D', and 'd' in column 1 as comment characters [Fortran].
* Added special handling of --options=NONE to disable automatic reading of
options from configuration files or environment.
* Added check for case-insensitive filenames to configure.
* Fixed problem with lower case <SID> tag [Vim, Bug #657327].
* Fixed problem recognizing indented code [Vim, Patch #664685].
* Fixed problem with infinite loop in certain comments [PL/SQL, Bug #629115].
* Fixed problem of incorrect extension field [C, Bug #639639].
* Fixed problem of empty scoping extension field [C, Bug #639644].
* Fixed missing tags for functions split across lines [PHP, Bug #681824].
* Fixed missing tags for nested subprograms using 'contains' [Fortran,
Bug #670433].
* Fixed missing tags when variable has same name as keyword [Fortran].
* Fixed spurious tag when an array-spec occurs within an entity-decl [Fortran].
* Fixed mishandling of multiline raw strings [Python, Bug #699171].
* Fixed missing scope extension field on namespaces [C++, C#, Bug #665086].
* Fixed several bugs causing missed tags [Fortran].
* Fixed problem with --langmap option preventing clearing of map [Bug #688442].
* Fixed recognition of Unicode-8 characters [Java].
* Fixed man page errors and omissions.
* Fixed bug in readFieldValue() in readtags library.
* Fixed bug in option parsing in readtags command-line program.
* Fixed portability problems with DJGPP [Bug #692569].
* Fixed portability problems with Cygwin.
ctags-5.4 (Thu Oct 17 2002)
* Improved ability for tagsOpen() in readtags library to report failure to
open tag file, adding new fields to tagFileInfo structure.
* Improved Cobol support to include data, files, groups, and sections [Cobol].
* Added '$' a valid character for C identifier [VMS].
* Added support for recording routine argument declarations for C-like
languages. See the --fields option and man page section TAG FILE FORMAT for
more information [C, C++, Java].
* Added class and method support to TCL parser [TCL].
* Added support for PL/SQL language.
* Added support for Vera language, inspired by Dave Eggum [Vera].
* Fixed problem terminating Perl POD block [Perl, Bug #612621].
* Fixed problem re whitespace preceding subprogram name [Pascal, Bug #612019].
* Fixed problem with leading spaces before instruction [TCL, Bug #615928].
* Fixed problem with double precision functions [Fortran, Bug #620288].
* Fixed inverted test causing TMPDIR to be used for temporary files when
ctags is setuid instead of when not setuid [Bug #623713].
ctags-5.3.1 (Thu Sep 12 2002)
* Renamed tagsSetSorted() to tagsSetSortType() and "sorted" member of
tagFileInfo structure of readtags library to "sort".
* Added new function, tagsFirst() to readtags library.
* Fixed incorrect tag kinds [Verilog].
* Fixed null tags for unnamed BLOCK DATA statements [Fortran].
* Fixed missing tags for function preceded by "<SID>" [Vim].
* Fixed missing tags for equate statements not in column 1 [Asm, Bug #538629].
* Fixed Ruby parser (why didn't the compiler report my screw-up?) [Ruby].
ctags-5.3 (Wed Jul 17 2002)
* Allowed --etags-include option without input files.
* Changed Asm parser to back to C-based parser to remove redundant tags,
and extending its support for more variants [Asm].
* Changed to using _tempnam() to create temporary files on Windows, allowing
"TMP" environment variable to set temporary directory.
* Changed the -x output to match that of traditional ctags when the --format=1
option is supplied. The new format was also changed slightly to conform more
closely to the original format, with the addition of the extra tag type field.
* Added support for Verilog language, submitted by Nam SungHyun.
* Added support for RISC OS platform, contributed by Andrew Wingate.
* Added support for "#pragma weak", generating macro tags for weak symbols [C].
* Added support for mixins and class methods to Ruby parser, submitted by
Matthias Veit [Ruby].
* Added support to ctags and readtags library for case-folded sorting of tag
files, submitted by Flemming Madsen.
* Added identification of class methods [Python].
* Fixed portability problems [Bugs #541997, #571240].
* Fixed bug in configure script [Solaris, Bug #542966].
* Fixed invalid package name tags [Perl, Bug #535068].
* Fixed failure to output relative paths into etags TAGS files on Win32
[Bug #568365].
* Fixed incorrect line address in cases of line continuation [Fortran].
* Fixed missing tags for certain cases of invalid syntax [C].
* Fixed missing tags in Fortran with HPF extensions [Fortran, Bug #565813].
* Fixed spurious tag for clients portion of feature clause when following
an empty feature clause [Eiffel].
ctags-5.2.3 (Sun Feb 24 2002)
* Fixed portability problem in makefile [Solaris, FreeBSD].
* Fixed infinite loop for certain cases of invalid syntax [Eiffel].
* Changed Asm parser to regex, extending its support for more variants [Asm].
ctags-5.2.2 (Sat Feb 16 2002)
* Fixed spurious tags following empty feature clause [Eiffel].
* Fixed missing tags for classes specifying generic creation routine [Eiffel].
* Fixed missing tags when label not followed by white space [YACC].
* Fixed for portability [Solaris, MacOS X].
* Added support for type reference tool [Eiffel].
ctags-5.2.1 (Sun Jan 20 2002)
* Portability fixes [Mingw32].
* Added "RCS" and "CVS" to list of directories excluded by default.
* Fixed missing tags for function pointers declared const or volatile
[C, Bug #503764].
ctags-5.2 (Sun Dec 23 2001)
* Portability fixes [HP-UX, Solaris, VMS, OS/2].
* Made code compilable by a C++ compiler.
* Changed reading of option files to ignore blank lines.
* Changed and enhanced interface to readtags library (see readtags.h).
* Changed from using addLanguageRegex() to addTagRegex() in regex-based
* Added support for Lua language, submitted by Max Ischenko.
* Added instructions to man page on using tags with NEdit.
* Added setargv.obj to link for wildcard expansion [MSVC].
* Added capability to have regex invoke a callback in a regex parser.
* Fixed regex tag problem which left newlines in back-references.
* Fixed missing class-qualified tags [Eiffel].
* Fixed spurious tags for entries in final indexing clause [Eiffel].
* Fixed problem with invalid filenames in preprocessor line directives.
* Fixed bug parsing scoped variables (e.g. "b:variable") [Vim, Bug #487608].
* Fixed problem compiling readtags.c on some hosts.
* Fixed memory overwrite problem in readtags library.
ctags-5.1 (Tue Nov 06 2001)
* Changed name of option configuration files for MSDOS, MSWindows, and OS/2.
* Changed regex support to enforce REG_NEWLINE. This fixes problem where the
newline character was explicity being matched by user patterns [Bug #431477].
* Added new public domain library for reading tag files (see readtags.h).
* Added support for variables and namespaces, provided by Jay Glanville [Vim].
* Added report of non-options in option configuration files and CTAGS
environment variable.
* Added support for YACC language, submitted by Nick Hibma [YACC].
* Added support for Perl packages, submitted by Nick Hibma [Perl].
* Added '$' as valid identifier character for DEC C compiler [VMS, Bug #425147].
* Added compilation date and time to --version output.
* Added configure check for HP-UX to determine if ANSI options needed [HP-UX].
* Removed tags for forward class/struct declarations [C/C++, Bug #432563].
* Eliminated ;" separator from end of tag line when no extension fields are
* Fixed segmentation violation for some Lisp files [Lisp].
* Fixed segmentation violation occurring when file referenced in #line
directive was from an unknown language.
* Fixed loss of sync when parsing bit fields named with C++ reserved word [C].
* Fixed compilation problem on gcc-2.7.2.
* Fixed problem parsing verbatim strings [Eiffel].
* Fixed problem with PHP references [PHP].
* Fixed handling of Perl __DATA__ sections [Perl].
* Fixed problem resulting from white space in tag name due to regex name
* Fixed double reading of $HOME/.ctags when current directory is $HOME.
* Fixed problem reading option configuration files using CR-LF newlines.
* Fixed problem preventing output control over tag kinds of regex patterns
[Bug #429869]
* Fixed incorrect parsing of Vim functions with ':' modifiers [Bug #466517].
ctags-5.0.1 (Sun Apr 15 2001)
* Fixed problem checking recursive links [SunOS 4.x].
* Improved security on hosts where mkstemp() is not available.
ctags-5.0 (Sun Mar 18 2001)
* Restructured code to simplify support for new language parsers.
* Changed source code to use ANSI-style function definitions.
* Changed scope-qualified tag entries to omit enumeration name [C/C++].
* Changed reading of files supplied to -I option to read one token per line.
* Changed reading of option files to read one argument per line.
* Changed default extension fields, now controlled by new option --fields.
* Changed detection of etags invocation to accept any name containing "etags".
* Removed -p option, which only caused confusion and is rendered obsolete by
the change immediately above.
* Removed 'A' flag to the --c-types, --eiffel-types, and --java-types
options, replacing its functionality with the new --fields option.
* Removed 'C' flag to the --c-types, --eiffel-types, and --java-types
options, replacing its functionality with the new --extra option.
* Deprecated -i option, which was long ago replaced with the --c-types option.
* Deprecated --file-tags option, now incorporated into new --extra option.
* Deprecated --kind-long option, now incorporated into new --fields option.
* Renamed --lang[uage] option to --language-force.
* Renamed makefiles for non-Unix platforms.
* Improved parsing of assembly language files [Asm].
* Improved parsing of Fortran language files, adding new tag kinds [Fortran].
* Added documentation explaining how to extend ctags with new parsers.
* Added support for regular expressions, using either Posix or Gnu interface.
* Added support for mapping file names to languages using shell patterns.
* Added support for ASP scripts, submitted by Patrick Dehne [ASP].
* Added support for Makefiles [Make].
* Added support for Pascal language [Pascal].
* Added support for PHP scripts, submitted by Jesus Castagnetto [PHP].
* Added support for REXX language [REXX], based on submission by Alexaner Mai.
* Added support for Ruby, submitted by Thaddeus Covert [Ruby].
* Added support for S-Lang, submitted by Francesc Rocher [SLang].
* Added support for Macintosh platform using MPW (by Maarten Hekkelman).
* Added .tk as recognized extension [Tcl].
* Added .cp and .hp as C++ extensions [C++].
* Added .zsh as shell script extension [Sh].
* Added support for trigraphs for C-based languages [C/C++].
* Added language recognition for shell scripts using "#!/usr/bin/env command".
* Added check for recursive directory links.
* Added support for "[" form of verbatim strings [Eiffel].
* Added --exclude option to exclude directories while recursing.
* Added --fields option to specify extension fields to include in output.
* Added --extra option to allow control over extra tags.
* Added --regex-<LANG> option to define language-specific regular expressions.
* Added --<LANG>-types options for all supported languages.
* Added --langdef option to define new languages to be parsed with regex.
* Added --languages option to restrict set of languages scanned for tags.
* Added --tag-relative option to make file paths recorded in tag file relative
to location of tag file itself instead of the current working directory when
file arguments are specified using relative paths.
* Added restriction of permissions of created temporary files when mkstemp()
is not available for security.
* Reimplemented line directive handling to work for all languages.
* Fixed tag generation for packages [Java].
* Fixed Lisp parser [Lisp].
* Fixed Mingw32 port [Win32].
* Fixed bug in procedure name parsing [Tcl].
* Fixed bug resulting in wrong column being checked for paragraphs [Cobol].
* Fixed bug in language dispatch for executable "#!" scripts [Unix].
* Fixed bugs resulting in incorrect scope entries in tag file [C++/Java].
* Fixed warning caused by reinstallation of etags link [Unix].
* Fixed destruction of existing tag file when no files supplied on invocation.
* Fixed problem in which prevented configuring and building in
non-source directory. Also changed to generate and use correct
object and executable file extensions when run on Win32.
ctags-4.0.3 (Sun Jul 16 2000)
* Fixed compiler warnings [Amiga].
* Fixed problem in causing struct stat st_ino member test to fail.
* Fixed problem with TAGS entries for files using DOS-style (CR-LF) new lines.
* Improved algorithm for locating Perl functions and skipping pods.
* Improved algorithm for locating shell functions [Sh].
* Renamed Makefile.amiga to Makefile.manx [Amiga].
* Added for SAS C compiler [Amiga].
* Updated Makefile.qdos [QDOS].
* Improved support for DECC compiler [VAX].
ctags-4.0.2 (Mon Jul 10 2000)
* Now silently ignore -w option for backwards compatibility with SVR4 ctags.
* Fixed bug resulting in no extension flags when using --kind-long option.
ctags-4.0.1 (Wed Jun 28 2000)
* Fixed segmentation violation when using --file-tags.
ctags-4.0 (Thu Jun 22 2000)
* Fixed infinite loop on certain syntactically invalid class constructs [C++].
* Fixed problem of incorrect tags for some pure virtual functions [C++].
* Fixed inability to clear all tag types when using --c-types= (all languages).
* Fixed problem of arguments to parameterized class being reported as
ancestors in the "inherits" extension flag.
* Fixed missed tags for typedef-ed function pointers having a PROTO((a,b))
style argument list.
* Fixed missing file tags for referenced files when using --line-directives
option [C/C++].
* Fixed failure to recognize drive-qualified file name as a file name when
supplied as argument to -I option [Win32].
* Fixed problem with missing comma in "inherits" extension flag [Java].
* Fixed problem with incorrect or redundant parents listed for "inherits"
extension flag [Java].
* Added check to avoid recursive symbolic links to directories.
* Added warning message for -i option, which is deprecated and being dropped.
* Added support for Assembler, COBOL, LISP, PERL, and Scheme, taken from Gnu
* Added support for AWK, Bourne/Korn/Z Shell, Python, TCL, and Vim scripts.
* Added support for the BETA language, submitted by Erik Corry.
* Added ability to determine language from interpreter specified in first line
of executable files if they are not recognized by their extension.
* Added --options option.
* Added ability to specify files having no extension with -h and --langmap
* Added compile time option to separate path components with a unix-style path
separator for sharing tag file across platforms, enabled by defining the
* Fixed portability issues [VMS].
ctags-3.5.2 (Mon Apr 24 2000)
* Fixed problem preventing Emacs-style tags from being written to stdout.
ctags-3.5.1 (Sun Apr 23 2000)
* Fixed infinite loop in writing Emacs-style TAGS file on platforms using
tmpnam() instead of mkstemp() [Win32].
* Fixed minor problems in Borland makefiles [Win32].
* Fixed compiler warning [DJGPP].
ctags-3.5 (Fri Apr 14 2000)
* Fixed core dump when including access field in tag file [Java].
* Fixed failure to identify end of statement for block statements [Java].
* Fixed bug with lone "end" in feature adaptation part of inheritance clause
* Fixed problem preventing const functions from being recognized as pure
virtual [C/C++].
* Fixed problem with no tags found after certain macro calls [C/C++].
* Fixed bug in descrip.mms build file [VMS].
* Changed to use mkstemp() (when available) to create temporary files for
security reasons and allow configuring default temporary directory, and to
override this directory at run-time by setting TMPDIR environment variable.
* Added support for extracting inheritance information into new "inherits"
extension flag [C++, Java].
* Added Makefile.bc5 for Borland C++ version 5.5 compiler (free version).
* Added new question to FAQ regarding Xemacs.
* Updated FAQ regarding new release of NEdit.
* Renamed Borland 3.1 makefile from Makefile.bcc to Makefile.bc3.
* Renamed Microsoft Visual C++ makefile from Makefile.w32 to Makefile.mvc.
ctags-3.4 (Thu Jan 13 2000)
* Fixed sorting problems when LC_ALL environment variable was set to foreign
locale (not fixed by previous release).
* Fixed nested scoping reported in extension flags and class-qualified tags.
* Eliminated generation of class-qualified tag entries when --c-types=+C
option is in effect but scope is empty (e.g. "::main").
* Added support for default access of class members in Java.
* Added new extension flag "implementation", which indicates if a routine or
class is virtual or abstract.
* Minor changes for OS/2 compilation.
ctags-3.3.3 (Thu Dec 16 1999)
* Changed how input is read for -L and --filter options to permit file names
containing spaces (see man page).
* Fixed scope recorded for C++ class elements, especially in namespaces.
* Fixed spurious tag generated for MODULE PROCEDURE in interfaces [Fortran].
* Fixed sorting problems when LC_ALL environment variable was set to foreign
* Fixed crash on Windows when compiled with Mingw32 gcc compiler.
* Fixed compilation problems on Cray.
ctags-3.3.2 (Fri Sep 24 1999)
* Fixed compile problem on AIX 4.1.
* Improved recovery from syntax error [Fortran].
* Changed name of configure option (now --enable-custom-config).
* Changed Makefile.bcc to optimize for space, since code size exceeded 64KB.
ctags-3.3.1 (Mon Sep 20 1999)
* Fixed segmentation violation occurring when directory recursion was selected.
* Fixed misleading message when out of memory during internal sort.
ctags-3.3 (Fri Sep 17 1999)
* Fixed missing class-qualified tags [Java].
* Fixed missing tag for functions having function pointer argument [C].
* Fixed parsing of conversion functions [C++].
* Added missing space following "operator" keyword to the tag names generated
for function call operators [C++].
* Fixed string parsing to retry file as free source form upon EOF [Fortran].
* Fixed missing tags following comments [Fortran].
* Fixed missing labels for free source form [Fortran].
* Removed 72 character limit for fixed form source lines, since many compilers
relax this limit and it is commonly taken advantage of. This was sometimes
causing fixed form source to be parsed as free form source [Fortran].
* Changed misleading message when file could not be accessed.
* Changed behavior of --verbose option to display option processing.
* Changed -I option to permit clearing the token list with "-I-".
* Changed --lang option to accept new "auto" parameter.
* Changed --langmap option to accept new "default" parameter.
* Changed --eiffel-types option to accept new 'C' flag to generate
class-qualified tags.
* Changed -h option to accept new "default" parameter.
* Changed option processing. Most options may now appear anywhere on the
command line, affecting only those files which follow them.
* Added ability to specify default options in any of the files /etc/ctags.conf,
/usr/local/etc/ctags.conf, $HOME/.ctags, .ctags, and one optional file,
which can be supplied at configure time.
* Added --filter option.
* Added --filter-terminator option.
ctags-3.2.4 (Thu Jul 01 1999)
* Changed name of macro in to avoid being overriden by CTAGS
environment variable.
ctags-3.2.3 (Mon Jun 21 1999)
* Small portability change for EMX compiler on OS/2.
* Slight change to W32 and BCC makefiles.
ctags-3.2.2 (Sat May 29 1999)
* Fixed endless error loop in the case of unreadable file.
* Fixed redundant include entries in TAGS file when using --etags-include.
ctags-3.2.1 (Wed May 09 1999)
* Fixed problem reading -I token list from file.
* Fixed with "using" declarations which corrupted tag file [C++].
* Fixed to more reliably recognize existing prototypes.
* Added ability to ignore preprocessor directives in Fortran files.
* Added support for egcs/MingW32 compiler [Win32].
ctags-3.2 (Wed Mar 03 1999)
* Fixed spurious tags related to export specifiers of feature clauses [Eiffel].
* Fixed problem with template in ctor-initialer [C++].
* Fixed typo causing compiler error [MSVC].
* Extended -I option to allow token replacement [thanks to Flemming Madsen].
* Added --etags-include option to support TAGS file includes.
* Added support for QDOS [thanks to Thierry Godefroy].
ctags-3.1.2 (Tue Jan 26 1999)
* Changed extension flags to eliminate space between label and value to remain
true to the intent of the agreement on the extended format made with editor
* Added --links option to permit ignoring symbolic links.
* Fixed missing tags upon ANSI style variable function argument lists.
* Fixed missing tags for methods with fully qualified type names in argument
list [Java].
* Fixed double tags generated for enumerators followed by comma.
* Fixed missing path prefix for -p option [Win 95/NT].
ctags-3.1 (Wed Jan 20 1999)
* Changed -h and -langmap options to accept a plus sign as the first character
of their arguments to indicate that arguments should be added to current.
* Changed default for member tags to 'on' [C/C++].
* Changed default for local entities to 'off' [Eiffel].
* Added tags for forward class/struct/union/enum declarations when using
-c-types=+x [C/C++].
* Fixed memory overwrite bug causing general protection fault [Win 95/NT].
* Fixed missing tags for methods with throws clause [Java].
* Fixed bad tags generated for null macro names [C].
* Fixed spurious tag for features and entities of BIT type [Eiffel].
* Fixed spurious tags when local entity declaration list was empty [Eiffel].
* Fixed missing tags for contructors and destructors [C++].
* Fixed failure to recognize function when declaration for first argument
was of template type [C++].
ctags-3.0.3 (Mon Dec 21 1998)
* Fixed mistake made in previous version which caused macro tags to be missed.
* Fixed parsing of --langmap option.
ctags-3.0.2 (Mon Dec 21 1998)
* Added tags for names undefined with #undef [C/C++].
* Added tags for renamed features (Eiffel).
* Improved Emacs-style tag file contents (per Ian Zimmerman).
* Fixed problem handling deferred, external, once, obsolete features in Eiffel.
* Fixed porting problem [OSF1 V4.0].
ctags-3.0.1 (Sat Dec 12 1998)
* Fixed problem with certain macros and functions with no declared return type.
* Fixed problem causing endless loop on MSDOS/Win32 by restoring use of binary
mode on opening of source files.
* Fixed porting problems [SunOS 4.1.x and MSVC++ 5.0].
ctags-3.0 (Sun Dec 06 1998)
* Added support for the Eiffel language (everyone should learn Eiffel).
* Added support for the Fortran language.
* Added --c-types option to specify tag types to be included for C/C++.
* Added --eiffel-types option to specify tag types to be included for Eiffel.
* Added --fortran-types option to specify tag types to be included for Fortran.
* Added --file-scope option to place verbose tag description into tag file.
* Added --file-tags option to place tags for source file names into tag file.
* Added --java-types option to specify tag types to be included for Java.
* Added --kind-long option to place verbose tag description into tag file.
* Added --linedirectives option to enable processing of #line directives so
that running ctags on preprocessor output can generate line numbers and file
names which correspond to the original source files.
* Added -V option to enable verbose message for each file considered.
* Added special handling for macros of form "INIT(= value)".
* Added ability to suffix an ignored identifier (-I option) with the '+'
character, thus instructing ctags to also ignore any argument list which
may follow the identifier.
* Changed the -i option, moving Java language options to the new --java-types
option. The -i option is now deprecated in favor of the new language
specific tag type options.
* Changed behavior of handling of ignored identifiers (-I option) to still
generate a tag for any macro definition for that identifier.
* Changed handling of -h option so that include files are no longer assumed to
be C++ files.
* Changed tags for operators to always precede the operator with the string
"operator ", thus making it consistent for all operators. [C++]
* Changed C/C++ parsing, catching many more tricky constructs.
* Changed extension flags to place a space between the label and the value for
* Fixed core dump which occurred when using -iF (now --file-tags) together
with -e (etags) on a zero-length file.
* Fixed missing or incorrect tags for conversions operators or operator "()".
* Fixed incorrect parent class in extension flags for type declarations of the
form "class Bar { OtherClass::sometype foo; }".
* Fixed missing tags for "friend" and "static" prototypes in header files.
* Fixed problem of external "sort" reporting locale not available on HPUX.
* Fixed -p option.
* Fixed VMS support. It should now work for any source file type.
ctags-2.3.2 (Wed Sep 09 1998)
* Fixed -h option; broken since version 1.7, yet only just reported.
ctags-2.3.1 (Sun Aug 30 1998)
* Fixed improper handling of derived structs.
* Fixed wrong class name tag when a nested-name-specifier was present in class
* Added parent information into tag extension flags for data structures to
match that already present for members.
* Add missing documentation for --langmap option in the --help output.
* Eliminated compiler warning [gcc 2.8.1].
ctags-2.3 (Thu Aug 20 1998)
* Eliminated compiler warnings [SGI MIPSpro].
ctags-2.2.7 (Mon Aug 17 1998)
* Fixed porting problem [Borland C++].
ctags-2.2.6 (Wed Aug 12 1998)
* Fixed core dump encountered on some platforms when the CTAGS environment
variable was set but empty.
* Fixed porting problem [MSVC].
* Added directory recursion support for Amiga.
ctags-2.2.3 (Sun Aug 02 1998)
ctags-2.2.2 (Fri Jul 24 1998)
* Fixed porting problems [AIX, HP-UX, OSF/1, SunOS, MSVC].
ctags-2.2.1 (Fri Jul 24 1998)
* Now uses a default directory name of "." when using -R or --recurse option
(e.g. "ctags -R" is equivalent to "ctags -R .").
* Directories named "SCCS" are skipped when using the -R or --recurse option
under Unix.
* Fixed porting problems [HP-UX, IRIX, SunOS, MSDOS/Windows].
ctags-2.2 (Mon Jul 20 1998)
* Added the --recurse and -R options to allow recursing into directories.
This allows running ctags on an entire source directory tree using the
single command "ctags -R <dir>". Currently, this option is only supported on
UNIX, MSDOS, Windows 95/NT, and OS/2. Other platforms will have to wait.
* Changed writing of Emacs-style TAGS file to binary mode [MSDOS/Windows].
* Fixed porting problems [HP-UX, OSF/1].
ctags-2.1.1 (Mon Jul 06 1998)
* Changed -h option to allow only periods to separate extensions.
* Added the --langmap option to allow overriding the default associations
between source language and file extension.
* Added configuration check and code work-around for putenv() prototypes
missing the const from the argument declaration [IRIX 5.2 and CRAY J90].
* Added makefile for VMS.
* Fixed porting problem [HP-UX].
ctags-2.1 (Wed Jul 01 1998)
* Added Java support.
* Eliminated the --keywords option introduced in the 2.0.4, replacing it with
automatic detection of the language (i.e. recognized keywords) based upon
the file extension.
* Added the --lang option for manually overriding the automatic selection of
the language.
* Added new flag 'i' to the -i option to allow generating tags for Java
* Added new flag 'n' to the -i option to allow generating tags for C++
* Added new flag 'x' to the -i option to allow generating tags for extern
variable declarations.
* Added new extension flags, "private", "protected", and "public", which
indicate the visibility of class members when it can be determined.
* Changed behavior of flag 'C' of the -i option to add tags of form
"class.member" for Java.
* Changed how files on command line are handled. Ctags will now only scan
those files whose extensions it knows about unless the --lang option is
specified. This allows running ctags on all files in a directory without
having to be specific (e.g. "ctags *").
* Removed support for duplicate tag warnings and the -w and -W options. These
options are silently ignored for now.
ctags-2.0.4 (Sat May 23 1998)
* Added sorting time to the output of the --totals option.
* Added the --keywords option to allow restricting the recognized
declaration keywords in order to handle legacy source code which uses
newer keywords for variable and parameter names.
* Ignore list now also applies to macro tags.
* /dev/stdout now properly handled as parameter to -f/-o option.
* Fixed problem handling an operator definition in C++ when white space
appeared between the "operator" keyword and the operator (e.g. "=").
* Fixed handling of non-symbolic operators (e.g. "new", "delete", etc.).
* Fixed sort order problem for some locale settings.
* Fixed segmentation violation when using ignore list (-I) on SunOS 4.x.
* Fixed a segmentation violation caused by a stack overwrite when testing a
particular kind of non-standard tag file format.
ctags-2.0.3 (Sun Mar 12 1998)
* Added configure check for "strip" program.
* Added new flag 'C' to the -i option to allow adding extra tags to the tag
file in the form "class::member" for class methods and members.
ctags-2.0.2 (Wed Feb 25 1998)
* Added stripping of installed binary for "install" target.
ctags-2.0.1 (Thu Feb 19 1998)
* Added support for C++.
* Added new flag 'F' to the -i option to allow adding an extra tag for the
basename of each source file supplied to ctags. This provides the ability to
jump to a source file in Vi using ":tag file.c".
* Added new flag 'm' to generate tags for class, structure, and union members
(disabled by default).
* Added several new flags to the -i option to allow finer specification of
which types of tags to include/exclude.
* Added ".hh" extension to the default list of files recognized as header
* Added explicit handling of special gcc construct __attribute((..)),
which could lead to incorrect tag generation.
* Added configure option --disable-extended-format to allow building ctags
with the extended format disabled by default.
* Added configure option --enable-macro-patterns to change the default
behavior of ctags to generate patterns instead of line numbers for macro
(define) tags.
* Changed configure option --enable-internal-sort to --disable-external-sort.
* Changed makefile for OS/2.
* Removed support for the -d, -t and -T options which had been deprecated
for some time.
* Removed ANNOUNCE file in distribution, consolidating it with the README
* Replaced CHANGES file with NEWS for more GNU-like standard distribution.
* Improved the detection of macros of the type generated by Microsoft Visual C
when generating source code. These caused subsequent statements to fail to
have tags generated for them. Still not bullet proof, though.
* Fixed a problem which prevented the use of / as a path separator under MSDOS
and Win 95/NT.
* Fixed problem of blank lines occuring in the tag file.
* Fixed recognition of declarations with parentheses.
* Fixed problem of missing tags for objects within extern "C" blocks.
* Fixed problem in source file counts when using --totals option.
* Extended the length of tag type field in -x output to be more verbose.
* Fixed option initialization error which caused static tags to be excluded.
ctags-1.7 (Mon Oct 13 1997)
* Tag files now use a new extended format which is backwards compatible with
existing Vi implementations, yet provides extended information which can be
used by supporting editors.
* Added documentation pseudo-tags (e.g. !_TAG_FILE_FORMAT) to tag file.
* Added the --excmd option as alternative to the -n and -N options.
* Added the --format option to allow forcing the old-style tag file format.
* Added the --if0 to control how "#if 0" branches are handled.
* Added the --sort option as alternative to -u option.
* Added the --totals option to print statistics of tag generation.
* Added the --version option.
* Improved handling of preprocessor conditionals.
* Code within an #if 0 is now never scanned for non-macro tags by default
since tags within that code could conceivably be overridden by more
desirable tags in the #else branch to follow. Macro tags in these branches
are always included.
* Fixed problem which could leave invalid tag entries in tag file when an
internal re-scan of a source file occurred.
* Fixed problem with internal sort mechanism when appending tags to existing
* Changed external sort command to filter out duplicate identical tags lines
(including the pattern) unless warnings for duplicate tags are enabled.
* Added data to emacs style tag entries to more closely match that produced by
the GNU etags.
* Removed fixed limits on maximum tag line length.
* Correction to Amiga makefile.
* Improvements to Win32 portability with changes to Makefile.w32.
ctags-1.6 (Tue May 13 1997)
* Now using GNU autoconf to permit automatic host configuration.
* Added the -e option to generate Emacs style tag files
* Added ETAGS environment variable to be used when -e option is in effect.
* Added the -p option to supply a default path for source files.
* Fixed problem of incorrect line numbers in tag file when form feeds and
vertical tabs occured in the source file.
* Fixed problem preventing ignoring of identifiers specified via the -I option
when the identifiers were followed by a parameter list in the source code.
* Changed the search patterns generated for #define macros when using -N
option. It now includes the character following the name (or "$" if end of
line) instead of the "\>" used previously. Some editors did not support this
metacharacter for tag searches.
* Removed -u (unique) flag from sort command line invocation to retain exactly
indentical tag patterns in the same file. This is in preparation for editor
support of duplicate tags.
* Fixed problem resulting in no tags generated following a function-like
macro reference outside of a function block.
* Fixed problem of no tags generated for typedef for function or function
* Fixed problem of no tags generated after encountering strange function
declarations (e.g. "foo(params) saywhat (void);")
ctags-1.5 (Sat Oct 5 1996)
* Added generation of tags for objects inside C++ extern blocks (e.g.
'extern "C" {...}' construct).
* Added generation of tags for function definitions inside brace-enclosed
("{}") blocks, since function definitions are allowed inside classes and
extern blocks.
* Added the -N option to force patterns to be used for all tags (including
macro tags).
* Changed the search patterns generated for macro definitions to be terminated
with "\>", which allows the pattern to still match even when the #define
line beyond the macro name is changed.
* Fixed problem resulting in no tags generated for files containing a
function-like macro, such as 'MODULE_ID("$Id")', even when ignoring the
keyword. This also fixed a problem that caused tags to be missed for
initialized function pointer definitions.
* Redirected error messages to stdout for MSDOS version.
ctags-1.4 (Sun Aug 18 1996)
* Added recursive parsing of class/struct/enum blocks to look for
class/struct/enum tags and enumeration values.
* Added the -I option to specify keywords to ignore in the source files.
* Fixed problem resulting in no tag generated when declaring a pointer const
or volatile.
* Fixed problem resulting in no tag generated for comma terminated function
ctags-1.3 (Sun Jun 16 1996)
* Fixed problem problem which caused "struct tag;" to be misinterpreted as a
variable definition.
* Added the -n option to use line numbers in the tag file instead of patterns.
* Added the -? option as an alternative for the --help option.
ctags-1.2 (Wed Jun 5 1996)
* Fixed a problem caused by an unitialized variable.
ctags-1.1 (Tue Jun 4 1996)
* Fixed problem reading parameter list to the -h option.
ctags-1.0a (Mon Jun 3 1996)
* Added ctags.lsm to distribution
ctags-1.0 (Fri May 31 1996)
* First public release.