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* $Id: options.h 443 2006-05-30 04:37:13Z darren $
* Copyright (c) 1998-2003, Darren Hiebert
* This source code is released for free distribution under the terms of the
* GNU General Public License.
* Defines external interface to option processing.
#ifndef _OPTIONS_H
#define _OPTIONS_H
#if defined(OPTION_WRITE) || defined(VAXC)
# define CONST_OPTION const
#include "general.h" /* must always come first */
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "args.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "strlist.h"
#include "vstring.h"
typedef enum { OPTION_NONE, OPTION_SHORT, OPTION_LONG } optionType;
typedef struct sCookedArgs {
/* private */
Arguments* args;
char *shortOptions;
char simple[2];
boolean isOption;
boolean longOption;
const char* parameter;
/* public */
char* item;
} cookedArgs;
typedef enum eLocate {
EX_MIX, /* line numbers for defines, patterns otherwise */
EX_LINENUM, /* -n only line numbers in tag file */
EX_PATTERN /* -N only patterns in tag file */
} exCmd;
typedef enum sortType {
} sortType;
struct sInclude {
boolean fileNames; /* include tags for source file names */
boolean qualifiedTags; /* include tags for qualified class members */
boolean fileScope; /* include tags of file scope only */
struct sExtFields { /* extension field content control */
boolean access;
boolean fileScope;
boolean implementation;
boolean inheritance;
boolean kind;
boolean kindKey;
boolean kindLong;
boolean language;
boolean lineNumber;
boolean scope;
boolean signature;
boolean typeRef;
/* This stores the command line options.
typedef struct sOptionValues {
struct sInclude include;/* --extra extra tag inclusion */
struct sExtFields extensionFields;/* --fields extension field control */
stringList* ignore; /* -I name of file containing tokens to ignore */
boolean append; /* -a append to "tags" file */
boolean backward; /* -B regexp patterns search backwards */
boolean etags; /* -e output Emacs style tags file */
exCmd locate; /* --excmd EX command used to locate tag */
boolean recurse; /* -R recurse into directories */
sortType sorted; /* -u,--sort sort tags */
boolean verbose; /* -V verbose */
boolean xref; /* -x generate xref output instead */
char *fileList; /* -L name of file containing names of files */
char *tagFileName; /* -o name of tags file */
stringList* headerExt; /* -h header extensions */
stringList* etagsInclude;/* --etags-include list of TAGS files to include*/
unsigned int tagFileFormat;/* --format tag file format (level) */
boolean if0; /* --if0 examine code within "#if 0" branch */
boolean kindLong; /* --kind-long */
langType language; /* --lang specified language override */
boolean followLinks; /* --link follow symbolic links? */
boolean filter; /* --filter behave as filter: files in, tags out */
char* filterTerminator; /* --filter-terminator string to output */
boolean tagRelative; /* --tag-relative file paths relative to tag file */
boolean printTotals; /* --totals print cumulative statistics */
boolean lineDirectives; /* --linedirectives process #line directives */
#ifdef DEBUG
long debugLevel; /* -D debugging output */
unsigned long breakLine;/* -b source line at which to call lineBreak() */
} optionValues;
extern CONST_OPTION optionValues Option;
extern void verbose (const char *const format, ...) __printf__ (1, 2);
extern void freeList (stringList** const pString);
extern void setDefaultTagFileName (void);
extern void checkOptions (void);
extern boolean filesRequired (void);
extern void testEtagsInvocation (void);
extern cookedArgs* cArgNewFromString (const char* string);
extern cookedArgs* cArgNewFromArgv (char* const* const argv);
extern cookedArgs* cArgNewFromFile (FILE* const fp);
extern cookedArgs* cArgNewFromLineFile (FILE* const fp);
extern void cArgDelete (cookedArgs* const current);
extern boolean cArgOff (cookedArgs* const current);
extern boolean cArgIsOption (cookedArgs* const current);
extern const char* cArgItem (cookedArgs* const current);
extern void cArgForth (cookedArgs* const current);
extern boolean isExcludedFile (const char* const name);
extern boolean isIncludeFile (const char *const fileName);
extern boolean isIgnoreToken (const char *const name, boolean *const pIgnoreParens, const char **const replacement);
extern void parseOption (cookedArgs* const cargs);
extern void parseOptions (cookedArgs* const cargs);
extern void previewFirstOption (cookedArgs* const cargs);
extern void readOptionConfiguration (void);
extern void initOptions (void);
extern void freeOptionResources (void);
#endif /* _OPTIONS_H */
/* vi:set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: */