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* $Id: parse.h 443 2006-05-30 04:37:13Z darren $
* Copyright (c) 1998-2003, Darren Hiebert
* This source code is released for free distribution under the terms of the
* GNU General Public License.
* Private definitions for parsing support.
#ifndef _PARSE_H
#define _PARSE_H
#include "general.h" /* must always come first */
#include "parsers.h" /* contains list of parsers */
#include "strlist.h"
#define KIND_COUNT(kindTable) (sizeof(kindTable)/sizeof(kindOption))
#define LANG_AUTO (-1)
#define LANG_IGNORE (-2)
typedef int langType;
typedef void (*createRegexTag) (const vString* const name);
typedef void (*simpleParser) (void);
typedef boolean (*rescanParser) (const unsigned int passCount);
typedef void (*parserInitialize) (langType language);
typedef struct sKindOption {
boolean enabled; /* are tags for kind enabled? */
int letter; /* kind letter */
const char* name; /* kind name */
const char* description; /* displayed in --help output */
} kindOption;
typedef struct {
/* defined by parser */
char* name; /* name of language */
kindOption* kinds; /* tag kinds handled by parser */
unsigned int kindCount; /* size of `kinds' list */
const char *const *extensions; /* list of default extensions */
const char *const *patterns; /* list of default file name patterns */
parserInitialize initialize; /* initialization routine, if needed */
simpleParser parser; /* simple parser (common case) */
rescanParser parser2; /* rescanning parser (unusual case) */
boolean regex; /* is this a regex parser? */
/* used internally */
unsigned int id; /* id assigned to language */
boolean enabled; /* currently enabled? */
stringList* currentPatterns; /* current list of file name patterns */
stringList* currentExtensions; /* current list of extensions */
} parserDefinition;
typedef parserDefinition* (parserDefinitionFunc) (void);
typedef struct {
size_t start; /* character index in line where match starts */
size_t length; /* length of match */
} regexMatch;
typedef void (*regexCallback) (const char *line, const regexMatch *matches, unsigned int count);
/* Each parsers' definition function is called. The routine is expected to
* return a structure allocated using parserNew(). This structure must,
* at minimum, set the `parser' field.
extern parserDefinitionFunc PARSER_LIST;
/* Legacy interface */
extern boolean includingDefineTags (void);
/* Language processing and parsing */
extern void makeSimpleTag (const vString* const name, kindOption* const kinds, const int kind);
extern parserDefinition* parserNew (const char* name);
extern const char *getLanguageName (const langType language);
extern langType getNamedLanguage (const char *const name);
extern langType getFileLanguage (const char *const fileName);
extern void installLanguageMapDefault (const langType language);
extern void installLanguageMapDefaults (void);
extern void clearLanguageMap (const langType language);
extern boolean removeLanguageExtensionMap (const char *const extension);
extern void addLanguageExtensionMap (const langType language, const char* extension);
extern void addLanguagePatternMap (const langType language, const char* ptrn);
extern void printLanguageMap (const langType language);
extern void printLanguageMaps (const langType language);
extern void enableLanguages (const boolean state);
extern void enableLanguage (const langType language, const boolean state);
extern void initializeParsing (void);
extern void freeParserResources (void);
extern void processLanguageDefineOption (const char *const option, const char *const parameter);
extern boolean processKindOption (const char *const option, const char *const parameter);
extern void printKindOptions (void);
extern void printLanguageKinds (const langType language);
extern void printLanguageList (void);
extern boolean parseFile (const char *const fileName);
/* Regex interface */
extern void findRegexTags (void);
extern boolean matchRegex (const vString* const line, const langType language);
extern boolean processRegexOption (const char *const option, const char *const parameter);
extern void addLanguageRegex (const langType language, const char* const regex);
extern void addTagRegex (const langType language, const char* const regex, const char* const name, const char* const kinds, const char* const flags);
extern void addCallbackRegex (const langType language, const char *const regex, const char *const flags, const regexCallback callback);
extern void disableRegexKinds (const langType language);
extern boolean enableRegexKind (const langType language, const int kind, const boolean mode);
extern void printRegexKinds (const langType language, boolean indent);
extern void freeRegexResources (void);
extern void checkRegex (void);
#endif /* _PARSE_H */
/* vi:set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: */