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A carousel plugin built for responsive layouts. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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A Responsive Carousel

If there's one thing that can compete with lightboxes for “world’s most done-to-death jQuery plugin,” it’s carousels. However, everything I came across was using pixel values and not percentages—meaning I wasn’t finding much of anything that could be used on a responsive/flexible layout. So I built one.

Shout-out to Scott Jehl for the adapted swipe events from jQuery Mobile.

Coming Soon

  • I’m working a touch-and-drag plugin that more closely mimics native behavior, so the slider would follow your finger as you dragged left and right over it, and once released snap to the next/previous slide depending on the drag distance.
  • People keep asking if I’m planning on adding an auto-advance dealie to this. Now, as much as I am generally opposed to having stuff flying all over the screen without the end user’s say-so, well, shucks: you know I just can’t say no to you, Internet. One setInterval, comin’ right up (soonish).
  • More M*A*S*H references in commit messages.
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