Chrome extension to make the Google Bookmarks bookmarklet suck less.
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BetterGB is a chrome extension that makes the Google Bookmarks bookmarklet suck less.

I think Google Bookmarks is a great service. It lets me bookmark everything, does full-text search on the bookmarked pages (so I don't have to tag if I don't feel like it) and integrates with google search. It's a real shame that Google has been neglecting this service for so long. After their latest UI redesign, the bookmarklet became borderline unusable. So I finally got fed up and decided to fix it.


  • Improves highlighting of selected autocomplete choice for tag
  • Removes extraneous UI elements (configurable)
  • Fixes the tabindex so you only tab through the fields you want (name, location, labels, add bookmark)
  • Save bookmark by pressing Enter (the way it used to work before the redesign)
  • Close popup by pressing Esc
  • Options can turn many of these features on or off


Click here to install

To configure extension options, open the Google bookmarklet and click "BetterGB Options" in the bottom-left corner.

Feature Requests

Is there something you wish the bookmarklet did that it doesn't do right now? File an issue, submit a pull request, or shoot me a message. I'm usually pretty responsive.