@Lyrabar Lyrabar released this Oct 26, 2015 · 6 commits to master since this release

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Latest wallet version, this must be used to get all the online functionality in the wallet.
Release notes:
Mandatory update, algorithm switch to Lyra2REv2, transaction fee bugfix, Qt wallet fixes and watch-only address support.
Graphical Qt client and daemon included in all the packages for all systems in this release.
Note to Linux users! If using a precompiled binary, make sure you have GLIBCXX version 3.4.20 at least!
This dependency is included in "libstdc++6" library package in Debian / Ubuntu based systems.

@Lyrabar Lyrabar released this Jan 30, 2015 · 73 commits to master since this release

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Important! DO NOT USE!
This is the first release, the wallet IS NOT working after block 160000 because switch of the algorithm. Use at least 0.9.1 to fetch the latest blockchain, this wallet does not hear newer wallet 0.9.1 until block 160000.
Do not make ANY transactions with this wallet, this release is saved only for historical reasons!