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Web3 Design System Team

Alejandro Machado - Research Designer

Aqeel Mohammad - Research Designer

  • Principal & Founder - ​Empire Studio​ - Strategy And Design Consultancy

  • Product Lead - Modular - Blossom: Ethereum Custody and Wallet solution.

  • Design - Truebit - Scalable Trustless Computation - Whitepaper by Jason Teutsch and Christian Reitwiessner

  • Design Lead - ​Interactive Initial Coin Offering​ - Fair protocol for ICOs Whitepaper by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch

  • Design & Development - ​#Artproject​ - Physical manifestation of the dogethereum bridge

  • Design / Outreach - Merry Merkle - Crypto Charity event - Helped raise over $200k for the Toronto covenant house over the holiday season.

Beltran Berrocal - Project lead & Research Designer

  • P360o designer, developer, entrepreneur and educator

  • Author of the ​Web3 Design Principles​, UX rules for Blockchain based Distributed Applications

  • UX redesign for the ENS, Ethereum Name Service (Work In Progress)

  • Helped solve the downfall of the DAO Hack, writing a ​deterministic parser for the Ethereum Blockchain

  • Co-Founder - UX Designer & Lead Developer @

  • Patron + Director of Diffusion Projects @ Fundacion Escultor Berrocal, Malaga, Spain

  • Co-Founder + head of R&D @ creative studio and product manufacturer

  • Strategic Design Professor @ Polytechnic University of Milan + other Univ & companies

  • author of “New Kind of Design” Research (2003-2015) on the trends shaping the fields of Design and the business world

David Ballester - Lead Developer

  • 8 years as full-stack developer

  • CTO - Brain Dynamics - R&D software development in Biotech, Complex Data Visualization, and applications of Deep Learning models

  • Has implemented a wide variety of software projects, from designing the software architecture to the actual implementation, ranging from back-end and front-end development of web applications using Angular and React, to Machine and Deep Learning technologies

  • Has contributed to open source front-end projects and components

  • Technologies: Java, Javascript + HTML + CSS, SQL, Spring, Hibernate, Liferay, Angular, React, Cordova, Python + Django, MongoDB, D3.js, Three.js, Keras, Solr, Processing.js, NodeJS, Natural language processing, Meteor, Neo4j, Solidity

  • more details on project case studies available in the proposal document

    • Commitment : part-time until January > full-time from January 2019
    • Socials: Linkedin | Twitter | Github |

Jose Bernal - Tecnical project manager

  • 15+ years as COO and project manager for sofware R&D companies

  • COO of Braindynamics, leader in the computational analysis of neuro-imaging

  • Has lead and managed teams in a large spectrum of software development challenges, from machine learning & neural networks, to Big Data computational taxonomies of genetic and neurological research papers

  • Experienced in leading projects for Public and Consortium multi-year R&D grants

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