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@@ -7,39 +7,45 @@ on Hotot.
## Install in Distrubtions:

### openSUSE
sudo zypper ar -f KDE:Extra
//Change 12.2 string to your version.

# zypper ar -f KDE:Extra

sudo zypper in hotot-gir
Change "12.2" to your version.

GNOME 2 (11.4- Only)
#### GNOME 3:

sudo zypper in hotot-gtk
# zypper in hotot-gir

QT with KDE:
#### GNOME 2 (11.4- Only):

sudo zypper in hotot-qt
# zypper in hotot-gtk

#### QT with KDE:

# zypper in hotot-qt

### Fedora
sudo yum install hotot

# yum install hotot

### Arch / Charka
to be finished by marguerite on OBS
to be finished by marguerite on OBS

### Debian / Ubuntu
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hotot

# add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team
# apt-get update
# apt-get install hotot

### Mandriva
urpmi.addmedia --wget --distrib"mandriva-version"/"arch"
urpmi --auto-update
urpmi hotot

$ urpmi.addmedia --wget --distrib"mandriva-version"/"arch"
$ urpmi --auto-update
$ urpmi hotot

### Gentoo
emerge hotot

$ emerge hotot

## Building from source:
Since Hotot core is largely based on HTML5, JavaScript and Webkit technology,
@@ -52,38 +58,34 @@ Common Requirements:
* cmake
* intltool

Qt Wrapper
Qt Wrapper:
* Qt4 (newer than 4.7)
* KDE Libs (optional, for better KDE integration)

Gtk2 Wrapper
Gtk2 Wrapper:
* python2
* pygtk
* python-webkit
* python-keybinder (optional)

Gtk3 Wrapper
Gtk3 Wrapper:
* python-gobject (for gtk3 wrapper)
* gtk3
* libwebkit3

On Ubuntu 11.10 all of these resources are available in the standard repositories.

$ sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev cmake intltool
# apt-get install libqt4-dev cmake intltool

$ cd {source-directory}
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ cd {source-directory}
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

To install as root:
Install as root:

sudo make install
# make install

This will install Hotot in the default prefix: `/usr/local`, in order to change
to a different prefix, use:
@@ -93,23 +95,30 @@ By default gtk with gir, and qt will be built.

The following options can be applied, with On/Off as value.

* `-DWITH_GTK` build gtk version
* `-DWITH_GIR` build gir(gtk3) version (need gtk enabled)
* `-DWITH_QT` build qt version
* `-DWITH_KDE` build qt with kde support
* `-DWITH_GTK2` build gtk2 version (program name: `hotot-gtk2`)
* `-DWITH_GTK3` build gtk3 version (program name: `hotot-gtk3`)
* `-DWITH_GTK` build gtk version (without `-DWITH_GTK{2,3}` options, the program's name will be `hotot`)
* `-DWITH_GIR` build gir(gtk3) version (need gtk enabled) (without `-DWITH_GTK{2,3}` options, this option will disable gtk2 version.)
* `-DWITH_QT` build qt version (program name: `hotot-qt`)
* `-DWITH_KDE` build qt with kde support (program name by default: `hotot-qt`)
* `-DWITH_KDE_QT` build qt with (program name: `hotot-kde`) and without (program name: `hotot-qt`) kde support at the same time.
* `-DWITH_CHROME` build chrome with, will be placed under build directory/chrome/, need rsync

There is also a option to specify the name of the qt binary with kde support enabled.

* `-DHOTOT_KDE_BIN_NAME=` the value of this option is ONLY used when `-DWITH_QT=On` `-DWITH_KDE=On` `-DWITH_KDE_QT=Off` (all default), in which case this will be the name of the qt wrapper.

For example, to just build gtk with gir rather than qt, the `cmake` command
will be:

$ cmake -DWITH_QT=off ..
$ cmake .. -DWITH_QT=off

To build on Arch, use:
To build all local wrappers (useful for split package,):


To build on Arch, add:

There is something about a Gtk version in Python using some sort of

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