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Parse JSON file "end-to-end" and output text to an mp3 file of the same name. Not particularly useful, but I was having fun writing bad poetry in JSON format, since sestinas are so, like 12th century, man.

A json file constructed like so:

	"happy": [
			"bottle of": [

. . . yields an mp3 file with the following strings:

happy clam
happy clown
happy bottle of bees
happy bottle of kazoos


Only tested on linux, so YMMV on other platforms.


  • gTTS


usage: simper [-h] [--language LANGUAGE] filenames [filenames ...]

ever-so-useful script to audibly navigate a JSON object

positional arguments:
  filenames            json files to parse

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --language LANGUAGE  two-character ISO 639-1 language code. Defaults to "en"


You should probably use a nice virtualenv, since it's not worth the trouble of putting in your path or whatever. Install gTTS pip install -r requirements.txt, and you should be good to go.