Mybatis config file & Java model class generator.
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a Mybatis config file & Java model class generator.

writen in clojure and use tools.clj face.

the idea is inspire by the python edition of my colleague - @0xFF


Clj-Mybatis-Mapper bootstraps itself using the clj-mybatis-mapper shell script; there is no separate install script. It installs its dependencies upon the first run on unix, so the first run will take longer.

  • Download the script.
  • Place it on your $PATH. (I like to use ~/bin)
  • Set it to be executable. (chmod 755 ~/bin/clj-mybatis-mapper)

The link above will get you the stable release.

On Windows most users can get the batch file. If you have wget.exe or curl.exe already installed and in PATH, you can just run ssh-key-store self-install, otherwise get the standalone jar from the downloads page. If you have Cygwin you should be able to use the shell script above rather than the batch file.


Run clj-mybatis-mapper by:

clj-mybatis-mapper [option]

the options are:


Switches Default Desc

-h, --host Host for mysql server
-P, --port 3306 Port for mysql server
-p, --password Password for mysql
-u, --user User for mysql
-pk, --package Package for model
-o, --output Output folder for gen-file -db, --db Database for gen
-help, --no-help, --help false

use -help option will display this help too.

for example:

clj-mybatis-mapper -h -u root -db hmsbeta1 -o ~/test2/

will generate mybatis mapper xml and java file for in ~/test2/ folder.


Copyright © 2012 lysu

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.