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Weibo for Android

Android app on Google Play

This projects is being designed to be a light-weight, fast user experience open Weibo alternative for Android. require Android 4.0+

For Android developer novice, this project also is a good study staff.

  • Follow Android Patterns.
  • Use lots of Open Source.
  • No annoying ads.
  • High performance.

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Want to contribute?

GitHub has some great articles on how to get started with Git and GitHub and how to fork a project.

Contributers are recommended to fork the app on GitHub (but don't have too). Create a feature branch, push the branch to git hub, press Pull Request and write a simple explanation.

One fix per commit. If say a a commit closes the open issue 12. Just add closes #12 in your commit message to close that issue automagically.

All code that is contributed must be compliant with Apache License 2.0.

Build Instructions

Dependent three-part libraries projects:

Instructions for building on the command line with ant can be found below.

Building with Gradle

Run all in one command:


Also see the full Android documentation, Building and Running from the Command Line.

Code Style Guidelines

Contributers are recommended to follow the Android Code Style Guidelines.

In short that is;

  • Indentation: 4 spaces, no tabs.
  • Field names: Non-public, non-static fields start with m.
  • Braces: Opening braces don't go on their own line.
  • Acronyms are words: Treat acronyms as words in names, yielding XmlHttpRequest, getUrl(), etc.
  • Consistency: Look at what's around you!

Have fun and remember we do this in our spare time so don't be too serious :)


Copyright (c) 2012-2017 Lytsing Huang

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0