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Some experimentation code to test which IPFS gateways provide the best performance
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IPFS Gateway Tester

IPFS gateway tester runs some bare bones Python code to test the performance of common IPFS gateways. It currently tests the following gateway providers:

It tests each gateway provider against three different file types:

  • Image File (QmUTcaZg3UVqKxM8GvjEVjtNaFDCsG3EAQAU4nzmdi7Vis)
  • Video File (QmbvdTQ5eCS7MqBfqv93Pdhy74p95XHuLh5nzSmaQiu6wk)


IPFS gateway tester requires:

Running The Test

Assuming you have Python 3.6+ installed on your computer, you can do the following:

git clone
cd ipfs-gateway-tester
virtualenv venv
pip install requests

This will start the test and spit out a CSV file (results.csv) that has three columns of data:

  • Provider (ex. Protocol Labs, Cloudflare, etc.)
  • Hash (hash of the file fetched)
  • Time (in milliseconds)

You can use the hash map provided in the intro section above to make them human readable if needed.


The results directory is the output of the tests that I ran using this code. It contains results from different AWS t2.micro instances spread across geographies. Feel free to use this data if you'd like to skip running the code yourself.

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