Prime Edition MkII

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Prime Edition Mark II is a successor of original SoftRF Prime Edition.

It is supposed to require minimal skills from a builder to begin with and gives an opportunity to evaluate if the SoftRF technology is appropriate for your needs.

Prime Edition Mark II is based on third-party's hardware - TTGO T-Beam board, which is available for direct purchase from manufacturer at more or less reasonable price (30+ USD).

The Prime Mark II has most of the features of the Standalone Edition, however it does not have the following:

  • NeoPixel LED display;
  • Audio buzzer;
  • Barometric sensor;
  • Option to fit a genuine Nordic NRF905.

Effective from July 13th the LilyGO manufacturer has started to ship the T-Beam board with SoftRF firmware been pre-installed by default.

Compatibility 1

Type Protocol FLARM OGN tracker PilotAware Skytraxx SoftRF








  Garmin GDL90





1 - it is necessary for a reader to distinguish the difference between statement "compatible" and statement "fully compatible".
     SoftRF implements only a reasonable minimum of the protocols specs. No "bells and whistles" so far.


In general a lot of Chinese DIY electronics manufacturers are known to behave this way:

  • sometimes they may not apply necessary Q.C. before releasing of a product from factory ;
  • they may arbitrary change schematics and electronic components from one batch to the next one ;
  • they may terminate manufacturing of a board just few month after initial production.

Because of that, author of SoftRF:

  • will reject any hardware related claims associated with TTGO T-Beam board. Ask for support from seller or manufacturer ;
  • reserves the right to suspend or terminate support of TTGO T-Beam in the firmware at any time.

For the time being ( June '18 ) there were no critical hardware issues reported for current version of the T-Beam board. However things my change over the time...
If you have issues with bringing up your new T-Beam or just not happy with the board - be prepared to execute your Purchase Protection plan.

Bill of materials

Number Part Qty Picture Source
1 TTGO T-Beam 1 1 AliExpress 1 2 3 4 5
Amazon US
Amazon CA
2 Antenna
868 MHz 1
1 EBay
AliExpress 1 2
3 Samsung 18650 Li-Ion battery 1 Local

1 - 868 MHz variant is applicable for these world regions: EU, RU, NZ, SA, IN ;
     915 MHz - US, CA, AU ;
     433 MHz - CN .

Quick start

Use these instructions to start operating with your delivered Prime MkII board.


Description of Web UI settings is located here.


STL files of 3D printable enclosure are available. For details, please, read this page.

Additional information about T-Beam board

  1. Schematics
  2. TTGO's GitHub
  3. TTN Forum thread
  4. Introduction video, made by Lily Zhong
  5. YouTube video review, made by Andreas Spiess
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