LZ4 v1.7.5

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Jan 3, 2017

lz4hc : new high compression mode, by @inikep : levels 10-12 compress more (and slower), 12 is highest level
lz4cat : fix : works with relative path (#284) and stdin (#285) (reported by @beiDei8z)
cli : fix minor notification when using -r recursive mode
API : lz4frame : LZ4F_compressBound(0) provides upper bound of *flush() and *End() (#290, #280)
doc : markdown version of man page, by @t-mat (#279)
build : Makefile : fix make -jX lib+exe concurrency (#277)
build : cmake : improvements by @mgorny (#296)


LZ4 v1.7.4-2

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Nov 22, 2016

fix : Makefile : release build compatible with PIE and customized compilation directives provided through environment variables (#274, reported by @totaam)

note : source code is unchanged, therefore library version is unchanged (v1.7.4)


LZ4 v1.7.4

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Nov 22, 2016

cli : fix : Large file support in 32-bits mode on Mac OS-X
compiler : fix : compilation on gcc 4.4 ( #272 ), reported by @totaam
Improved : much better speed in -mx32 mode


LZ4 v1.7.3

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Nov 16, 2016

Changed : moved to versioning : package, cli and library have same version number
Improved: Small decompression speed boost
Improved: Small compression speed improvement on 64-bits systems
Improved: Small compression ratio and speed improvement on small files
Improved: Significant speed boost on ARMv6 and ARMv7
Fix : better ratio on 64-bits big-endian targets
Improved cmake build script, by @nemequ
New liblz4-dll project, by @inikep
Makefile: Generates object files (*.o) for faster (re)compilation on low power systems
cli : new : --rm and --help commands
cli : new : preserved file attributes, by @inikep
cli : fix : crash on some invalid inputs
cli : fix : -t correctly validates lz4-compressed files, by @terrelln
cli : fix : detects and reports fread() errors, thanks to @iyokan report #243
cli : bench : new : -r recursive mode
lz4cat : can cat multiple files in a single command line (#184)
Added : doc/lz4_manual.html, by @inikep
Added : dictionary compression and frame decompression examples, by @terrelln
Added : Debianization, by @bioothod


LZ4 r131

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Jun 29, 2015 · 481 commits to master since this release

New : Dos/DJGPP target, thanks to Louis Santillan (#114)
Added : Example using lz4frame library, by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (#118)
Changed: liblz4 : xxhash symbols are dynamically changed (namespace emulation) to avoid symbol conflict
Changed: liblz4.a (static library) no longer compiled with -fPIC by default


LZ4 r130

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this May 26, 2015 · 522 commits to master since this release

Hotfix, solving issues with lz4cat.

In detail :
Fixed : incompatibility sparse mode vs console, reported by Yongwoon Cho (#105)
Fixed : LZ4IO exits too early when frame crc not present, reported by Yongwoon Cho (#106)
Fixed : incompatibility sparse mode vs append mode, reported by Takayuki Matsuoka (#110)
Performance fix : big compression speed boost for clang (+30%)
New : cross-version test, by Takayuki Matsuoka


LZ4 r129

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this May 7, 2015 · 547 commits to master since this release

New : LZ4_compress_fast()
Changed: New lz4 and lz4hc compression API. Previous function prototypes still supported.
Changed: Sparse file support enabled by default
New : LZ4 CLI improved performance compressing/decompressing multiple files (#86, kind contribution from Kyle J. Harper & Takayuki Matsuoka)
Added : LZ4_compress_destSize()
Fixed : GCC 4.9+ vector optimization - Reported by Markus Trippelsdorf, Greg Slazinski & Evan Nemerson
Changed: Enums converted to LZ4F_ namespace convention - by Takayuki Matsuoka
Added : AppVeyor CI environment, for Visual tests - Suggested by Takayuki Matsuoka
Modified:Obsolete functions generate warnings - Suggested by Evan Nemerson, contributed by Takayuki Matsuoka
Fixed : Bug #75 (unfinished stream), reported by Yongwoon Cho
Updated: Documentation converted to MarkDown format


LZ4 r128

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Mar 31, 2015 · 685 commits to master since this release

New : lz4cli sparse file support (Requested by Neil Wilson, and contributed by Takayuki Matsuoka)
New : command -m, to compress multiple files in a single command (suggested by Kyle J. Harper)
Fixed : Restored lz4hc compression ratio (slightly lower since r124)
New : lz4 cli supports long commands (suggested by Takayuki Matsuoka)
New : lz4frame & lz4cli frame content size support
New : lz4frame supports skippable frames, as requested by Sergey Cherepanov
Changed: Default "make install" directory is /usr/local, as notified by Ron Johnson
New : lz4 cli supports "pass-through" mode, requested by Neil Wilson
New : datagen can generate sparse files
New : scan-build tests, thanks to kind help by Takayuki Matsuoka
New : g++ compatibility tests
New : arm cross-compilation test, thanks to kind help by Takayuki Matsuoka
Fixed : Fuzzer + frametest compatibility with NetBSD (issue #48, reported by Thomas Klausner)
Added : Visual project directory
Updated: Man page & Specification