Generate gallery using light gallery for Hexo 图片预览 照片墙
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npm: npm

Generate gallery for Hexo


npm install --save hexo-light-gallery


This plugin is based on lightgallery.js. Once you installed, all posts will add lightgallery feature automatically.


In your site's _config.yml:

    # if you don't specify the css or js source, the default cdn will be used.
    # css: # css source url
    # js: #js source url
    # sorry that I can not find any cdn hosting following plugins,
    # please self-host the plugin js and add url here
    # plugins:
        # lg-thumbnail:
        # lg-zoom:
        # lg-autoplay:
        # lg-fullscreen:
        # lg-pager:

Your config will be merged into default config:

    js: '',
    css: '',
    plugins: {},

Lightgallery.js Plugins

Download the plugin from following source and add url to the _config.yml file will automatically enable the plugin.


Pull requests and stars are highly welcome.

For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.