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Quck tarball extract script in Bash for various distributions

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Quick extract script for Bash.

The problem

You want to extract directory fast. Using midnight commander or other extraction tools is very slow. Use dancepill:

cd ~/bin
git clone

And in your .bashrc do:

source ~/bin/dancepill/dancepill

Logout or source it in your current terminal and start extracting:

e tarball.tar.gz
e tarball.tar.bzip2
e tarball.xz
e whatever

There an function name called dancepill that does the extraction plus alias e for it. Lot's of users already use e as an alias, so it can be redefined.

Additional features

  • If the archive does not contain only one file or directory, dancepill will create an extra directory for you. No more extracted junk in the current directory!


This is PUBLIC DOMAIN, do what you need to do. Pull requests appreciated!

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