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Fan control daemon for NSA 310 NAS server.

It currently only support NSA 310 model only, patches for 32x and others are needed (please send pull requests).

This is very simple and lightweight daemon that reads case temperature of Zyxel NSA-310 and sets fan speed according to the temperature.

How does it work

The NSA 310 provides three temperatures. The first two are most likely case temperatures, because according to all my measurements, they were always the same (+- one degree) as the disc temperature reported by SMART. The third temperature is from the CPU.

Please note the daemon only reads the case temperature (temp1), it ignores CPU or HDD temperatures. Because it does not make any sense to measure it (and also SMART spins up disc if used via command line tool - reading SMART values via kernel is quite a work). Fan speed depends only on temp1, nothing else.

I use WD GreenPower in my NAS and the disc is 42 degrees Celsius when idle or light work, so the threasold is 43 degrees. Also I have noticed this cheap and small fan creates noise when rotating bellow 140 value, so the lowest is 160. Make sure screws in the back side are loose, do not tighten them much as it can put a pressure on the fan and create even more noise.

This is how it sets pwm according to temperature:

Temp:<41 Pwm: 0
Temp: 42 Pwm: 0
Temp: 43 Pwm: 160
Temp: 44 Pwm: 165
Temp: 45 Pwm: 170
Temp: 46 Pwm: 175
Temp: 47 Pwm: 180
Temp: 48 Pwm: 185
Temp: 49 Pwm: 190
Temp: 50 Pwm: 195
Temp: 51 Pwm: 200
Temp: 52 Pwm: 205
Temp: 53 Pwm: 210
Temp: 54 Pwm: 215
Temp: 55 Pwm: 220
Temp: 56 Pwm: 225
Temp: 57 Pwm: 230
Temp: 58 Pwm: 235
Temp: 59 Pwm: 240
Temp: 60 Pwm: 245
Temp: 61 Pwm: 250
Temp: 62 Pwm: 255
Temp:>63 Pwm: 255

How to install

Very simple. First, you need Go language (golang). If you are on Debian Wheezy, it is included. If you are going to build Go language from sources, pick 1.0.2 version or higher in order to have ARM support.

To install fan3xxnsa on Debian, just do:

apt-get install git golang
git clone
cd fan3xxnsa

The script compiles the program and installs it into /usr/local/bin directory.

Before you start the daemon, you need to enable fan control with:

echo 1 > /sys/class/i2c-dev/i2c-0/device/0-002e/pwm1_enable

Then you can start it on background using nohup for example:

nohup /root/bin/fan3xxnsa 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &

Must be executed as root, or you can change permissions on the pwm1 file.

Put these two commands to any startup script of your distribution and you are done.


The code is very easy to understand, feel free to send patches. If you want to play with fans and temperatures, go to /sys/class/i2c-dev/i2c-0/device/0-002e directory (it can be different according to your NSA model or kernel version - try to find "pwm1_enable" file in the /sys/class directory).

Patches for other NSA models or kernel versions appreciated.


Discussion here:

You can use github issues to send bug reports, but please note I only have NSA 310 and I am not able to test with other models (feel free to send pull requests tho).

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