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2015-07-09 Le Zhang <>
* this file will no longer be maintained since the project was moved to github.
Please use 'git log' command to view the commit history instead.
2012-02-09 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: compile warnings on recent platforms. Also upgrade the included boost lib
to a newer version.
2011-09-02 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: compile warning in src/maxent.cpp
2011-05-16 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: incorporated patch provided by Jiří Marší: numerically stable
fix for probability overflow, which can lead to crash in LBFGS training.
2006-10-04 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: autoconf problem when using gcc4.0 with g77 replaced by gfortran
2005-03-22 Le Zhang <>
* Added: docstring support to python binding
2004-12-25 Le Zhang <>
* Ported to Sun Solaris platform
* Ported to gcc 3.4.3
* Python swig binding ported to win32
2004-12-24 Le Zhang <>
* Added: unittest test for orange binding, for
* Change the meaning of -g from sigma to sigma^2
* Dox fix: about -g gaussian option, swig python installation, python::eval_all()
2004-11-17 Le Zhang <>
* Added: C interface wrapper code for lbfgs.f, with a driver sdriver.c
* Added: replace the heavy boost test unit with light weight minunit in
2004-10-06 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: An overflow caused by zero feature value in gis estimation code,
which can cause "nan" appear in the model file.
* Added: SWIG python binding now fully functions under Linux. Will replace
Boost.Python in furture releases.
2004-09-30 Le Zhang <>
* Doc fix for a maintenance release.
2004-07-08 Le Zhang <>
* Added: Detail instructions on buliding on win32 were added in the
* Added: Install headers in src/Jamfile
2004-07-06 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: wrongly display time measure on win32 platform in gistrainer.cpp
and lbfgstrainer.cpp
* Added: a timer for loading events data in MaxentModel
2004-07-04 Le Zhang <>
* Remove the use of boost::format lib, which is pretty heavy for this
application and can cause trouble on some C++ compilers.
* Use own getopt implementation on Win32 platforms, which fixes file name
bugs of command line program.
2004-07-03 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: use fabs instead of abs, a crucial bug in gistrainer.cpp
2004-07-01 Le Zhang <>
* Ported to MSVC 7.1 with or without stlport
* Ported to Intel C++ 8.0 with MSVC 7.1's lib & headers
* Fixed: win32 getopt limitation by using own getopt.c on win32 platform
2004-06-25 Le Zhang <>
* Automatically disable lbfgs routine on system without fortran compiler
2004-06-09 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: GIS now supports non-binary features
2004-05-29 Le Zhang <>
* rewrite mmap supporting routines.
* now the toolkit can be cross-compiled into native win32 executable using
cross-mingw toolchain (gcc 3.2) on FreeBSD.
2004-05-28 Le Zhang <>
* initial port to autoconf/jam building system, SCons is abandoned.
2004-04-27 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: a potential bug when reading non-binary feature value using
mmap() call in maxent.cpp::get_sample(). The old code tries to
call atof() with two more bytes beyond the feature value string.
This works most time, but can cause a bus error.
2004-04-11 Le Zhang <>
* detect gnugetopt lib with a CheckLib call in src/SConscript
2004-03-13 Le Zhang <>
* Revised user manual
2004-03-12 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: re-arrange python binding and tagger code to python/ dir.
* Added: maxent can now use heldout data (--heldout)
* Added: maxent can now do prediction over test data directly after model
training: maxent [options]
2004-02-29 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: possible damage to training data when calling msync() in
2004-02-28 Le Zhang <>
* Fixed: E_ref parameter of gistrainer's newton() method when using
Gaussian smoothing. Reported by Tom Morton
* Changed: license is changed to LGPL
2004-02-25 Le Zhang <>
* Use numeric_limits<double>::epsilon() instead of hardcoded eps
2003-10-06 Le Zhang <>
* Update document and add ChangeLog, THANKS
* Added: test for mmap() in src/SConscript
* Added: add_heldout_event() now works
2003-10-05 Le Zhang <>
* Added: fast mmap() file I/O, much faster than standard iostream
* Added: line_mem_iterator.hpp and token_mem_iterator.hpp
2003-10-04 Le Zhang <>
* Added: new build_params() suggested by Carmen Alvarez
2003-09-27 Le Zhang <>
* Added: non-binary feature is now fullly supported
* Added: test suites for pymaxent and mmapfile