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# to address privacy, the contributors' email addresses are rot13 encoded
# to decode: in vim move cursor in <..> and type g?a> ;-)
Jiří Marš<wvev.znefvx89@tznvy.pbz>
* Fixed a numerical stability bug in trainer that can lead to random crashes in LBFGS training
Carmen Alvarez <pnezra.nyinerm@HZbagerny.PN>
* Fixing a bug when detecting "-Inf" in lbfgstrainer.cpp
* Proposing a new std::map based algorithm for build_params() (much faster
when outcome set is large)
Tom Morton <gfzbegba@pvf.hcraa.rqh>
* Fixing a bug in the parameter E_ref on calling newton() method in
gistrainer.cpp when applying GIS algorithm with Gaussian smoothing