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Modeling to Learn

Exciting new release from Team PSD: Modeling to Learn 2.0

Modeling to Learn (MTL) is a national quality improvement initiative in the Veterans Health Administration (VA).

  • Modeling to Learn (MTL) provides resources for frontline healthcare teams to improve local care quality to better serve their community.

  • Modeling to Learn blue guides and Modeling to Learn red guides are in the two folders at the top of this page.

  • Use the map below to decide which guides you should use.

  • Just curious about Modeling to Learn? Check out

MTL Blue click here: MTL Red click here:

Modeling to Learn Video

Use MTL Blue guides in the folder at the top of this page.

MTL Video was filmed during the MTL 1.7 release. MTL 1.7 guides are available at the top of the page for your reference.

Modeling to Learn Links

  1. - Modeling to Learn Live Sessions - Adobe Connect Room
  2. - Team Participatory System Dynamics - The MTL Research & Development Team
  3. - VA TMS 2.0 Learning System for Accreditation
  4. - Modeling to Learn References


Modeling to Learn by Team Participatory System Dynamics (Team PSD)




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