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# In-session Exercise (30 minutes)

**We've been _Modeling to Learn_ how to improve our use of systems thinking when making care decisions in our team.**

Systems Thinking | Definition
-- | --
Complex | **Forest not trees.** Relationships among two or more variables (wait times, improvement rate), or two or more settings (primary care, general mental health).
Feedback | **Loop not line.** Not simple cause and effect. The end of the story often influences the beginning, and is strengthened (reinforcing) or reduced (balancing) around the loop.
System Behavior | **Movie not snapshot.** Trends over time.  Systems cause their own behavior through feedback.
Time | **Short and long term.** Better understanding of change over time (e.g., worse before better, better before worse).

**We'll work to apply these skills as we review our combined experiment today.**

1. Log in to and join the current session.
2. From the experiment tile, pull up the prior experiment and click the red "Go" button.
3. Check the box to include the text from that experiment and click "Go" again.

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