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-- this is fairly old school work yo --

so i guess its story time. so a while back, i made this blogging thing
called pervurs ( where the key idea was
to decouple the (dynamic) commenting from the (static) content rendering
to make it nice and robust to scale (ie: dynamic stuff is orthagonal to 
static, so when traffic spikes hit, it stays easy to keep the service 
running as long as you can tolerate a slight degradation by temporarily 
suspending comments, before it became a common practice).

then i got a job at a game company and started building core server tech 
there, which was designed to operate as a homogenous cluster of app servers 
in a "simple to administer" distributed system (ie: each node was capable of 
handling a request from start to finish, with the only other daemons on 
the network being our db and cache servers, around which our homogenous nodes 
would negotiate key ownership, efficiently handle cache invalidations, 
distribute search trees, and blah blah blah).

long story short, its not a bad way to learn how to program (in fact, the very
first time i used a debugger was when i was trying to isolate a race condition, 
10 minutes after learning what a race condition even was, so funny, amirite?), 
and since i was working at a game company, i figured i might as well learn to 
write some c++ (writing MMO server tech taught me java, so I figured doing 
something similar might not be a bad way to learn me c++).

so i decided to take the commenting infrastructure for pervurs (since it was 
simple enough that i figured why the hell not, at least it'll be fast), and 
build that part, but this time, as a heterogenous cluster where different 
services could orthogonally scale more appropriately.

so what i ended up with was this weird c++ template jumble of crap 
(server/shared/src/shared/request.h, etc) that i built slim vertical slices of 
all the different pipeline components off of, and shoved a python app server 
(using twisted) in the bunch to handle more "complex" business logic.

but whatever, i want more ice cream, so i'm gonna wrap this up:

all the c++ daemons use stuff from /server/shared as the template crap they 
extend off of to do some stupid compile time inheritance junk and do the 
asynchronous socket thing via libev.

the different nodes are:

/server/base: i think this is the main front end http service that serves 
	actual page requests

/server/comm: this is the asynchronous message server for handling long-poll 
	connections from clients

/server/data: data storage sitting on top of bdb, this is all supposed to 
	be asynchronous code though, so the db queries should really be getting 
	spun into a separate thread or something, but i got lazy,
	so each query blocks, which is a bit screwed up.

/server/log: think this was just a logging daemon, i dunno, i'm just in it 
	for the lulz yo.

/server/sync: refer to above (i forget), i think this had something to do 
	with making sure you actually got all the messages you were supposed to 
	on your long-poll and that nothing got lost in transmission.

meanwhile, business logic (python) is in /service/io360

anyways, standard disclaimer:

there's a bunch of extra junk in here you probably don't need to run it,
while on the other hand, its probably missing some stuff you do
(as well as any explanation of how all this junk works,
license information that i probably stripped from a bunch of files
and any sort of sanity). so funny.