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10/16/06: XXX this is out of date

Quick and Dirty Guide to Package Building

0. If you're building packages for the first time in a new environment, you
   will have to uncomment the lines in scripts/install-bigloo*.sh which
   configure/build bigloo/lib.
1. Configure/Compile/Patch bigloo and bigloo-lib
2. Edit packages.mk and point BIGLOO_SOURCE to the bigloo directory and
   BIGLIB_SOURCE to the bigloo-lib directory
3. Type "make" in this directory

You should have an rpm, a deb, and a self-installer for each of compiler,
runtime, and prereqs, for a total of 9 packages. Where they end up is decided 
by the variables RPM_OUT_DIR, DEB_OUT_DIR, and SELF_OUT_DIR in packages.mk.
At the time of this writing, they all get created in the packages directory.

Make targets for the packages are as follows:

all	      - creates all the packages
clean	      - cleans up everything
debs	      - creates the deb packages for compiler, runtime, and prereqs
rpms	      - creates the rpm packages for compiler, runtime, and prereqs
selfs	      - creates the self-installers for compiler, runtime, and prereqs
compiler      - creates the deb, rpm and self-installer compiler packages
runtime       - creates the deb, rpm and self-installer runtime packages
prereqs       - creates the deb, rpm and self-installer prereqs packages
compiler-deb  - creates just the compiler deb package
compiler-rpm  - creates just the compiler rpm package
compiler-self - creates just the compiler self-installer package
runtime-deb   - creates just the runtime deb package
runtime-rpm   - creates just the runtime rpm package
runtime-self  - creates just the runtime self-installer package
prereqs-deb   - creates just the prereqs deb package
prereqs-rpm   - creates just the prereqs rpm package
prereqs-self  - creates just the prereqs self-installer package

In each of the subdirs - deb, rpm, self - the targets are as follows:

all	 - creates all the packages of this type
clean	 - cleans up anything created by this makefile
compiler - creates just the compiler package of this type
runtime  - creates just the runtime package of this type
prereqs  - creates just the prereqs package of this type

That should be all you need to know as a "user" of the packages directory.
Anyone who will be attempting to change or fix anything should go first read
the next section.