KeDei 3.5 SPI TFT LCD Display v6.2 Test Program
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KeDei 6.2 SPI TFT Display Test Program

2017 Tong

  • Stay away from KeDei Displays!!! they don't give it a sh.t about source code!!!
  • Just in case you got the same display!!!!!!
  • Probably someone can write a fbtft driver for it based on this work. hopefully.

-RPI KeDei 6.2 Display -KeDei 6.2 Display Butt

you need 7 wires to make kedei 6.2 display work!(not including touch panel)

  • VCC - 5v
  • GND
  • MOSI
  • MISO
  • SCLK
  • L_CS - Chip select for TFT display (of course!)
  • T_CS - Chip select for xpt2046, you need this in order to make display work! nasty 🤢 manually yank this line(pull low) when finish sending data through SPI