role based access control for kohana3
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Role Based Access Control for Kohana3

rbac table


1) enable rbac module in bootstrap.php (auth module is needed)

2) install install.sql under rbac directory (replace '{table_prefix}' to your own table_prefix)

3) if you haven't created user , create first , and assign a role for this user

4) create rules in action's comment using @rule tag like this /** * @rule edit node * @rule edit node (owner)|$item->user_id == $user->id */ public function action_edit() { $node = ORM::factory('node')->find($this->request->param('id')); Rbac::check($node); //... } in the second rule , there is a "|", below which is an expression , $item is $node here.

5) if you don't have login form , you can use Auth::force_login like this public function action_login() { // suppose you just created an user whose email is Auth:instance()->force_login(''); // if you want to log out // Auth::install()->logout(); } then browser this url to perform login

6) go to http://localhost/path/to/admin/rbac it will show a table if everything works well, you can check and uncheck for special roles. pretty easy and directly


1) admin has all priviledges.

2) if you visit /path/to/admin/rbac , and it shows 'sorry , but you are not allowed to access this page', you can comment Rbac::check($node) in controller/admin/rbac.php temporary.