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This is source repository of m-BITBEAM parts. It is based on bitbeam-lib openscad library, which is append as sub-module under the scad directory.

Parts must be shifted to right position, to good positioning in LDRAW type software.

Parts naming

There is simple as could be naming key for files and parts naming. This could help you to understand what kind of file, resp. part is it.

                   ^---- subtype if is needed
          ^------------- additional values of part
     ^------------------ type of part
 ^---------------------- main group or category of part


There are some main groups, the base group is bb, which means bit beam, so this is printed bitbeam parts. With ws group, only they are in STL release file.

  • bb - bit beam
  • co - complete parts - typical bit beams with some other parts like sensors or special wheel supports.
  • nut, ws, sc - nuts, washers and screws
  • sen - that is sensors
  • drv - drivers, means electronics for drive motors, servos etc.


Type of part, that could tell you, what kind of beam, sensor or driver it is.

  • b - Beam
  • a - L shape with defined angle
  • H, O, D - Beam frame with specific shape
  • T, X, U - Beam with the specific shape, which looks like T, X(+) and U
  • sen, drv - Box for sensor or driver
  • wh, pivot - Wheel and special stabilization ball.
  • tr - piece of track chain


Some part have defined sub-type.

  • th - Thin size, that means height of Beam is one half of unit.


Value is short as possible which represent specific of part. That means number of each beams - size, type of sensor etc. Examples:

  • bb-b-20x1 - Bit Beam 20x1
  • bb-a90-3x4 - Bit Beam L type 3 for one arm and 4 for second with 90 degrees angle.
  • bb-sen-rwc - Bit Beam box for rcw sensor
  • drv-mbkitronic - electronic part Motor Driver from Kitronic for BBC Micro:bit.
  • bb-drv-mbkitronic - bit beam box for motor driver
  • sc-M4x20 - M4 screw 20mm length


Avery tagged commit is released by Travis, and two "binary" files are created:

  • which is printed STL files.
  • which is parts library for LDRAW type software.


This work is created or based or more authors. So all parts is tagged as work of Collective Authors, they are in AUTHORS file.


All files in this repository is public under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license. See file for more details.