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Richvale Medical Clinic Website
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Richvale Medical Center

This is the development repo for Richvale Medical Center's website, found at The project took 2 weeks to complete; from initial requirement gathering, to deployment.
While this repo is made public for demonstration purposes, as always, feedback on my code & techniques are always welcome.


The website is using MaterializeCSS framework under the MIT License (MIT).

Planned, designed, and coded by: Marwan Alani

Technologies/Languages Used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • jQuery (with a bit of vanilla JS)

Running Locally

Make sure you have git installed on your system, then run git clone from your command line.
That's it, open index.html from the richvale-medical directory that Git have just cloned for you and you should see the website in your browser.

Editing JS/jQuery

All the editable JS code is found in js/custom.js, so make sure you make your edits there. The website uses a minified/compressed format for our custom JS code (combined with few selected JS modules from MaterializeCSS). So make your edits in js/custom.js, then compress/minify all the files found in js/ directory and save/overwrite the resulting file as js/main.min.js. You can use JSCompress, or any other preferred tool to perform the compression.

Note When you are compressing/minifing the files in js/ directory, make sure that do not include main.min.js, and also make sure that custom.js is the last file you add to the list of .js files to be compressed

Editing CSS/SASS

All SASS modules from MaterializeCSS framework (most of them are modified) can be found under sass/components directory. All custom CSS/SASS code can be found in sass/_custom.scss file. sass/main.scss is the encapsulating file to be compiled into the main CSS file for the website.
If you make any edits to the CSS/SASS files mentioned above, you can recompile the site's CSS by running sass sass/main.scss css/main.min.css --style compressed in the command line, and that will regenerate (and minify) the site's CSS.

Note In order to successfully run the command above & recompile the site's CSS, make sure you have SASS installed on your system, and also make sure that you run the command from the root directory of the website (the directory that contains index.html)

Marwan Alani - 2017

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