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-A javascript script for quickly overlaying an image over a page. Intended to be an update to
+### What is it?
+It's a javascript script for quickly overlaying an image onto a page. You can adjust the transparency if you like, which makes it handy for comparing a page to an existing layout. Made out of plain old javascript so doesn't have any dependencies or require any other libraries.### How does it work?
-Include the script at the bottom of your page. Press Ctrl + ; to activate. Drag an image from your machine to the page to load it in. Then toggle with Ctrl + ; or adjust opacity with Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ].
+Include the following line at the bottom of your page:
-Try it out on the demo page:
+`<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"\"></script>`
+Once installed, add an image like this:
+* Press `Ctrl + ;` to activate a blank overlay.
+* Drag an image from your computer and drop it on the blank overlay.
+Then make adjustments with these shortcuts:
+* Toggle with `Ctrl + ;`
+* Adjust opacity with `Ctrl + [` and `Ctrl + ]`.
+### Where do I get it?
+Right here on GitHub: [](
+### Anything else?
+This script is originally based on the jQuery plugin [jsgridoverlay](, written by [jeddy3](, [thegingerbloke]( and [m-allanson](
+This script is also a bit of an experiment, makes no attempt to support older browsers and has had minimal amounts of testing (unlike the original version linked above). However any suggestions for improvements are welcome!","tagline":"A standalone javascript script to overlay an image onto a webpage.

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