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This project is live at but is essentially unmaintained. I'm happy to provide commit access to anyone who'd like to continue running it.


A web page that shows screenshots of Pelican themes. The screenshots are sourced from via the Github api.

The site consists of two parts. The frontend which lists out the themes, and a separate worker which will update themes in the background.

A live version can be seen at


Python 2.7 Postgres 9.4 See requirements.txt

Getting started

The site requires four environment variables to get up and running. They look like this:

export APP_SETTINGS="config.DevelopmentConfig"
export DATABASE_URL="postgres://<username>:<password>@<address>/<dbname>"
export SECRET_KEY="<your secret key here>"
export GITHUB_API_KEY="<your github api key here>"

If using virtualenv or similar, you can add the above lines to your preactivate script.

Now you're ready to install the requirements pip install -r requirements.txt.

Now you can run the app:

flask --app=pthemes --debug run

And start the worker:

flask --app=pthemes worker

The site will now be available on You can trigger the worker to update the themes by visiting

Other info

To run via gunicorn:

gunicorn -w 1 -b pthemes:app

To run the frontend (without worker) via foreman (using Procfile, a la heroku)

foreman start web

Force push to heroku

git push heroku dev:master --force

Push to heroku live site

git push heroku-prod dev:master --force

Manually run the worker on Heroku

heroku run 'flask --app=pthemes worker'


Theme screenshots are found from folders or submodules in the repo at

Useful links

The getpelican/pelican-themes repo: An example theme:


[UNMAINTAINED] A website that displays screenshots of the themes available for Pelican




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