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[Jekyll] Generate line divs using the highlight tag
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Generate line divs using Jekyll's highlight tag. See this post for more information.


This plugin injects a new option linedivs into the highlight tag. This will cause each line of source code output by the highlight tag to be contained within a div.


There were no good options for displaying line numbers in Jekyll source code. Wrapping each line inside a div makes it pretty easy. See my blog post for more details.


Make sure your default highlighter is Rouge. In _config.yml:

markdown: kramdown
  syntax_highlighter: rouge
highlighter: rouge

Then take the highlight-linedivs.rb file and push it somewhere else! (To the _plugins folder.)


I submitted a PR to Rouge which creates a new formatter for outputting line divs. The scope of the PR is a bit broader than that of this plugin, so not all of it may get through, but I'll try to get line divs accepted as a bare minimum.

Once that PR gets accepted, I'll just have to submit another PR to Jekyll to enable the new option in the highlight tag.

Unfortunately, it looks like Rouge is not being actively maintained at the moment, so we're already stuck. That's why I made this plugin -- you can get the functionality without waiting for the Rouge devs to awaken from slumber. Once linedivs is in Rouge and Jekyll, I'll deprecate this plugin.

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