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Enter into the RESTful world!

The following is a project focused on exploring the JAX-RX specification. I have used the following technologies:

  • RESTEasy and RESTEasy client
  • Jackson
  • AssertJ

In addition, I have used technologies from the previous project,, namely Hibernate and frontend technologies though that is not the main focus of this project.

This project demonstrates the ability to expose methods on specified endpoints, as well as consuming the methods using the Resteasy client.

Example of an endpoint returning results

Target Audience

The target audience is you. I have no requirements, everything here is free and readily available to everyone. If you cannot understand the code here, or you'd prefer some deeper knowledge on the backround of JAX-RS, visit:

I will be very glad for any comments and critique that you have.


You will need:

  1. An application server
  2. Maven

Note that though this project is extending my project, you do not need a separate database server. I have bundled an in-memory server inside of the app simply because it is not the focus of this project to work with a DB server. If that interests you, follow my previous article.


In a command line, change into this project such that when you issue ls (or DIR on Windows), you see pom.xml among other files. Then, issue the following command:

mvn clean package

With that, you will create the target directory. Copy the resulting JPA_I.war into your application server's deploy directory. At this point, you should be able to visit, for example, the following endpoint: