Sample chat app using Azure Redis Cache
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Sample Chat App using Redis

This is a sample chat app based on the Chat App tutorial from that has been modified to use Azure Redis Cache and the pub/sub pattern to handle the scenario of needing to broadcast to all active socket sessions across multiple instances of your WSS (web socket server).

Getting started

Clone this repo

git clone

Create an Azure Redis Cache

Azure has a solid quick and easy Getting Started document (see 'Create your first Redis cache') that shows you how to setup Redis Cache as an Azure PaaS service. If you don't yet have an Azure subscription you can always use the free trial.

Configure config.js

Copy the config.sample.js file to config.js and configure as needed

cp config.sample.js config.js

Specifically be sure to update config.redis.uri & config.redis.key settings to match your Azure Redis Cache you just created.

Run the app locally to make sure it's all good

node server.js

Deploy & Test on Azure

Deploy your solution to Azure Web Apps and scale up the number of instances to test it out! Hint: You will need to use multiple browsers/in private tabs to start multiple sessions load-balanced across multiple instances.

The Create a Node.js web app in Azure App Service article on should get you going.