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(extract of the headers of unicode.scm:)

Gambit Unicode library 1.0
New BSD license

Enables Gambit Scheme with Unicode handling features.
Runs out of the box on vanilla Gambit and on Black Hole.

The Gambit-specific code and distribution:
Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Mikael

The unicode-data.scm generator and Bigloo unicode library this library was inspired by,
found in the bigloo-unicode directory:
Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Florian Loitsch

The source data for the unicode-data.scm generator, found in the bigloo-unicode/data directory:
Copyright (C) 1991-2011 Unicode, Inc.

## Exports
unicode-string-upper unicode-string-upper! ; "aBc" => "ABC"
unicode-string-lower unicode-string-lower! ; "aBc" => "abc"
unicode-string-capitalize-strict! ; "aBc" => "Abc"
unicode-string-capitalize-strict  ;

## Relation with Bigloo Unicode library. Intended scope of use of this library.
This library is based on the Unicode library for Bigloo Scheme by Florian Loitsch, as bundled
with the js2scheme distribution as found on .
     A copy of this library is provided in this distribution in the bigloo-unicode directory,
to enable you to easily generate Unicode constants based on any new Unicode Character Database
     The vesion of the Bigloo Unicode library bundled here is was taken from the abovementioned
repo the 13:t of May 2012. Florian's last changes were the 12:th of March 2011. Florian's code is
to be viewed as stable since at least 2010, to the best of my knowledge the only changes since
then have been minor restructurings.

Please note that the scope of this library and the Bigloo unicode library are different, in that
Gambit has complete native Unicode character handling and charset encoding/decoding features
built-in and thus none of this needs to be provided in a separate library, whereas the
Bigloo Unicode library provides such functionality to Bigloo.

## Distribution overview
unicode.scm           - The Gambit Unicode handling library
unicode-data.scm      - The constants required to make unicode.scm spin.
                        Generated out of the Unicode Character Database.
bigloo-unicode/*      - Florian Loitsch's unicode-data.scm generator, and Bigloo Unicode library
                        that was used as inspiration for making this library.
                        Use this to generate a new unicode-data.scm out of a Unicode Character
                        Database update, if that would ever be released and relevant.
                        Latest version as of the 13:th of May 2012, see more above.
bigloo-unicode/data/* - The required files of the Unicode Character Database, see below.

## How to update unicode-data.scm with a new version of the Unicode Character Database
In case by any reason this would ever be relevant, here is how to proceed:

Update the bigloo-unicode/data/ files (namely SpecialCasing.txt and UnicodeData.txt) with
the new Unicode Character Database files.

As of the date of writing, these are released on and ,
and you can see the release date of the latest update of them on .