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Mikael remarks:

This is the Unicode library for Bigloo Scheme by Florian Loitsch.

Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Florian Loitsch.

It is distributed in the /unicode directory of js2scheme, as found on . The version bundled here is was pulled from
the abovementioned repo the 13:t of May 2012. Florian's last changes were the 12:th of March 2011.
Florian's code is to be viewed as stable since at least 2010.

This work is released by Florian under the New BSD license, as seen in the sourcecode files
in this directory.

It has two parts,
 A) A program unicode-reader that out of the Unicode Character Database as published and ,
    generates a file utf-data.sch that contains the basis data constants needed for Scheme-based
    processing of Unicode characters, including for performing upper/lower casing operations.

 B) A library that provides Unicode casing, UTF coding and related procedures to Bigloo Scheme.

The Unicode Character Database bundled in the data/ directory of this distribution,
contain 2 December 2011 version of SpecialCasing.txt and the 8 November 2011 version of
UnicodeData.txt , these were the newest versions at the time of putting together this
library distribution, the 13:th of May 2012.

In this Gambit unicode library, we are interested in using utf-data.sch generated by A),
and in B) only for the purpose of inspiration for how to use A).

We produce A) by removing any previous utf-data.sch file in this directory and then doing
make utf-data.sch .

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