Fix all needs to date in php
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Fix all needs to date in php


Add below line to require section in composer.json:

"m-jch/date" : "~1"

Run composer update


This package contains 2 class, Jalali and Date. Jalali class responsible for Jalali (shamsi) date time and Date class responsible for Gregorian date time.

All below examples should be run in Jalali or Date class.

All format listed in PHP date function support.

We want to implements most of Carbon PHP class.

Include Classes

use Date\Date;
use Date\Jalali;



$date = new Jalali('1395/04/10 23:10:05');
$date = new Jalali('۱۳۹۵/۰۴/۱۰ ۲۳:۱۰:۰۵');
$date->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');

echo new Jalali('1395-04-10');

// You can use make static method instead of new instance
// Below examples has same results
$date = (new Jalali('1395/04/10 23:10:05'))->subDays(4);
$date = Jalali::make('1395/04/10 23:10:05')->subDays(4);

echo Jalali::now();
echo Jalali::yesterday();
echo Jalali::tomorrow();

echo Jalali::create(1394, 05, 04, 12, 45, 23);
echo Jalali::createDate(1394, 05, 04);
echo Jalali::createTime(12, 45, 23);


// Jalali to Gregorian
$date = new Jalali('1373/06/05 23:10:05');
echo $date->toGregorian();

$date = new Jalali('1373/06/05 23:10:05');
echo $date->tog()->format('Y-m'); // An aliases for toGregorian method

// Gregorian to Jalali
$date = new Date('2012-06-05 20:05:01');
echo $date->toJalali();

$date = new Date('2012-06-05 20:05:01');
echo $date->toj(); // An aliases for toJalali method


Consider you can send negative number to add* methods, instead of using sub* methods.

echo Jalali::now()->startOfMonth();
echo Jalali::now()->endOfMonth();

echo Jalali::now()->startOfDay();
echo Jalali::now()->endOfDay();

echo Jalali::now()->addYears(2);
echo Jalali::now()->subYears(1);

echo Jalali::now()->addMonths(2);
echo Jalali::now()->subMonths(1);

echo Jalali::now()->addWeeks(3);
echo Date::now()->subWeeks(3);

echo Jalali::now()->addDays(1);
echo Jalali::now()->subDays(5);

echo Jalali::now()->addHours(2);
echo Jalali::now()->subHours(1);

echo Jalali::now()->addMinutes(10);
echo Jalali::now()->subMinutes(5);

echo Jalali::now()->addSeconds(14);
echo Jalali::now()->subSeconds(50);


// echo as farsi numbers
echo Jalali::now()->fa()->subDays(4);
echo (new Jalali)->addDays(5)->fa('Y-m-d l'); // Can use just fa() instead of fa()->format()


All comparisons based on Gregorian date, so you can compare two date with different type of class.

$date1 = new Jalali('1395-07-12');
$date2 = new Jalali('1395-10-05');








You can not send first parameter or send it null, for calculate difference from current datetime.

If second parameter is true, return base on absolute, otherwise base on difference, default is true

We're not sure about diffInYears, diffInMonths, diffInWeeks and diffInDays in Jalali date, if you have any bug, please report it.

$date1->diffInMinutes($date2, true);
$date1->diffInSeconds($date2, false);


// Create from timestamp
$date = new Jalali(1466664181);
$date = new Date(1466664181);
$date = Jalali::createFromTimestamp(1466664181);

// Get timestamp

// Set timestamp



Add below codes to aliases array in app.php config file.

'Jalali' => Date\Jalali::class,
'Date'   => Date\Date::class