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mlab-speedtest is an Angular.js application providing the website The app code currently uses gulp to integrate language localizations prior to deployment.

Setting up Local Development Environment

Install Build Dependencies

  • Install website build dependencies for your operating system and environment
    • Node >= v10.15.1 - Using NVM: nvm install v10.15.1
    • Gulp - Installed with yarn
    • Install libraries - gulp copy_libs
    • Firebase tools - npm install -g firebase-tools

Adding new languages

Translations for this site are managed in the Open Technology Fund's Localization Lab Transifex site. Contributing translators may choose to translate and/or review translations there. Completed translations are then imported for use within this application and published by M-Lab staff.

How to add a new localization

  • Download a completed language translation file
    • Visit the Transifex site and locate a completed language
    • Click Interface Language Strings and then Download for use to download the completed language .po file
    • Save it in the folder: /translations/source/ using the file name pattern: .po
  • Create new language template & update language string references
    • Create a copy of an existing translation folder and index.html file, and make some edits to support the new language
      • Copy the folder and index file: cp -r app/nl app/es
      • Edit the index file to change the language it references. In app/es/index.html:
        • change: const INTERFACE_LANGUAGE = 'nl'; to const INTERFACE_LANGUAGE = 'es';
        • change: <script src="/assets/translations/it.js"></script>
      • to: <script src="/assets/translations/es.js"></script>
    • Regenerate the supported language strings:
      • gulp inject

Previewing site locally

To preview the site locally, we recommend using the Python Simple HTTP Server.

  • Navigate to the /app directory and run: python3 -m http.server 8000

If you are a user on the M-Lab Firebase project, you can also preview the site locally using the firebase-cli: firebase serve --only hosting:mlab-speedtest