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How to access the M-Lab data

All data collected by the M-Lab tools are available to the public without restriction under a No Rights Reserved Creative Commons Zero Waiver. This page describes

  • How to download the data in raw format (i.e., as collected by the M-Lab servers).
  • How to query the M-Lab data via an SQL-like interface, without having to download the data locally. Both the raw data and the data accessible the SQL interface are updated once a day.

The M-Lab team is also available to release the data via other means. If you have alternative suggestions, please contact us.

Every tool logs data in its own format. You can find the information about each dataset and code to parse the raw logs in the tests page.

Download the raw data

All the M-Lab raw data are organized into tarballs, which are grouped by

  • the tool that generated the data,
  • the date when the data was collected,
  • the server that collected the data. This means that each tarball contains all the data collected during a single day, by a single tool running on a single M-Lab server. If the data collected during a day, by one tool on one server are more than 1GB (uncompressed), those data are split into multiple tarballs of up to 1GB size. For example, the tarball 20090218T000000Z-mlab1-lga01-ndt-0000.tgz contains the first 1GB of data collected by all the NDT tests that were served by the M-Lab server mlab1-lga01 on Feb 18 2009.

The M-Lab tarballs are stored on Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage is Google's cloud storage service (similar to Amazon S3) and provides different ways to access the M-Lab tarballs. In particular, it provides

  • A command line tool (gsutil) to
    • List the content of a folder. E.g., gsutil ls -l gs://m-lab/ndt/
    • Download one or more tarballs. E.g., gsutil cp gs://m-lab/ndt/2009/02/18/20090218T000000Z-mlab1-lga01-ndt-0000.tgz.
  • A web-based interface to

For example, the file contains the row gs://m-lab/ndt/2009/02/23/20090223T000000Z-mlab2-lga01-ndt-0000.tgz that corresponds to a tarball whose url is Note that it is not possible to use wget or curl to download the data, as Cloud Storage requires authentication.

Execute SQL queries against M-Lab data

M-Lab dataset can be queried using BigQuery, which allows to efficiently run SQL queries against huge datasets. Currently, BigQuery contains only a portion of the M-Lab dataset.

More details about the M-Lab data in BigQuery and how to query them can be found here.