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This is a docker image that allows people to easily run their own ndt-server binary, along with some recommended "sidecar" measurement services to grab richer data. Advanced users will likely want to configure each service independently, but this docker image allows interested parties to try running the server with a simple command:

 $ docker run --net=host measurementlab/ndt

After that, point your web browser to http://localhost:3001/static/widget.html and un a speed test to verify that things work. The default NDT5 JS client needs some Javascript client-side optimization (pull requests gratefully accepted), but you should still be able to run a speed test immediately.

How to use this image.

If you just want to run a server that speaks the unencrypted NDT5 (legacy) protocol, then you can run:

 $ docker run --net=host measurementlab/ndt

and you will get an NDT server running on port 3001, with data being saved to the in-container directory /var/spool/ndt/

If you would like to run NDT7 tests (which you should, it is a simpler protocol and a more robust measurement) or NDT5 tests over TLS, then you will need a private key and a TLS certificate (let's assume they are called /etc/certs/key.pem and /etc/certs/cert.pem). To run an NDT7 server on port 443, you must mount the directory with those certificates inside the container, and then tell the NDT server about those files. For example:

 $ docker run -v /etc/certs:/certs --net=host measurementlab/ndt \
     --key=/certs/key.pem --cert=/certs/cert.pem

The NDT server produces data on disk. If you would like this data saved to a directory outside of the docker container, then you need to mount the external directory inside the container at /var/spool/ndt using the -v argument to docker run.

All arguments to docker run after the name of the image are passed directly through to the NDT server.

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