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ndt7 Go client

Reference ndt7 Go client implementation. Useful resources:

The master branch contains stable code. We don't promise we won't break the API, but we'll try not to.


You need Go >= 1.12. We use modules. Make sure Go knows that:

export GO111MODULE=on

Clone the repository wherever you want with

git clone

From inside the repository, use go get ./cmd/ndt7-client to build the client. Binaries will be placed in $GOPATH/bin, if GOPATH is set, and in $HOME/go/bin otherwise.

If you're into a one-off install, this

go get -v

is equivalent to cloning the repository, running go get ./cmd/ndt7-client, and then cancelling the repository directory.

Building with a custom client name

In case you are integrating an ndt7-client binary into a third-party application, it may be useful to build it with a custom client name. Since this value is passed to the server as metadata, doing so will allow you to retrieve measurements coming from your custom integration in Measurement Lab's data easily.

To set a custom client name at build time:


go build -ldflags "-X main.ClientName=$CLIENTNAME" ./cmd/ndt7-client