Support scripts for Neubot on M-Lab
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Neubot support for M-Lab

Support scripts for Neubot on M-Lab.

Update to latest neubot-server

cd neubot-server
git checkout mlab
git pull
cd ..
git commit -am "Update to latest neubot-server"

Build RPM from development branch

Login on a development machine (e.g., then:

Install development tools

sudo yum --disablerepo=epel groupinstall -y 'Development tools'

Clone the repository

cd /tmp
rm -rf mlab-neubot-support
git clone --recursive -b develop

Run the script

cd mlab-neubot-support
git tag
git checkout $tag # very important to make the RPM package
./package/ mlab_neubot
find /tmp -type f -name \*.rpm
# scp the generated rpm from that sliver to your machine

Test the new RPM

You can use the script to test the RPM to another testing sliver (e.g.


./ $rpm

Check list for testing

  • deploy on a testing machine
  • test using ./
  • make sure test results are written on disk and parse as JSON
  • make sure rsync and syslog are running on the sliver
  • make sure the memory usage of neubot and botticelli is reasonable
  • both are running under the expected non privileged user
  • data is being collected from the sliver