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explain how to get nixpkgs version in issue template

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sbourdeauducq committed Mar 14, 2019
1 parent e61320d commit adcd79ecb3bf49b17859d9254e626d7bcb997e38
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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ Behavior
* Operating System:
* ARTIQ version: (with recent versions of ARTIQ, run ``artiq_client --version``)
* Version of the gateware and runtime loaded in the core device: (in the output of ``artiq_coremgmt -D .... log``)
* If using Nix, version of nixpkgs:
* If using Nix, version of nixpkgs (run ``nix-instantiate --eval -E '(import <nixpkgs> {}).lib.version'``):
* If using Conda, output of `conda list`:
* Hardware involved:

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