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artiq_flash: autodetect variant

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sbourdeauducq committed Mar 8, 2019
1 parent fc9d4c7 commit b219f8b5c7127f5367e515872aa85378cab451d4
Showing with 43 additions and 25 deletions.
  1. +2 −0 RELEASE_NOTES.rst
  2. +41 −25 artiq/frontend/
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ ARTIQ-5
* The controller manager now ignores device database entries without the
``"command"`` key set to facilitate sharing of devices between multiple
* The meaning of the ``-d/--dir`` and ``--srcbuild`` options of ``artiq_flash``
has changed.

@@ -56,14 +56,14 @@ def get_argparser():
help="target board, default: %(default)s, one of: "
"kasli sayma kc705")
parser.add_argument("-V", "--variant", default=None,
help="board variant")
help="board variant. Autodetected if only one is installed.")
parser.add_argument("-I", "--preinit-command", default=[], action="append",
help="add a pre-initialization OpenOCD command. "
"Useful for selecting a board when several are connected.")
parser.add_argument("-f", "--storage", help="write file to storage area")
parser.add_argument("-d", "--dir", help="look for files in this directory")
parser.add_argument("--srcbuild", help="look for bitstream, bootloader and firmware in this "
"ARTIQ source build tree")
parser.add_argument("-d", "--dir", help="look for board binaries in this directory")
parser.add_argument("--srcbuild", help="board binaries directory is laid out as a source build tree",
default=False, action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("action", metavar="ACTION", nargs="*",
default="gateware bootloader firmware start".split(),
help="actions to perform, default: %(default)s")
@@ -267,15 +267,13 @@ def main():
config = {
"kasli": {
"programmer": partial(ProgrammerXC7, board="kasli", proxy="bscan_spi_xc7a100t.bit"),
"def_variant": "opticlock",
"gateware": ("spi0", 0x000000),
"bootloader": ("spi0", 0x400000),
"storage": ("spi0", 0x440000),
"firmware": ("spi0", 0x450000),
"sayma": {
"programmer": ProgrammerSayma,
"def_variant": "standalone",
"gateware": ("spi0", 0x000000),
"bootloader": ("spi1", 0x000000),
"storage": ("spi1", 0x040000),
@@ -284,24 +282,40 @@ def main():
"kc705": {
"programmer": partial(ProgrammerXC7, board="kc705", proxy="bscan_spi_xc7k325t.bit"),
"def_variant": "nist_clock",
"gateware": ("spi0", 0x000000),
"bootloader": ("spi0", 0xaf0000),
"storage": ("spi0", 0xb30000),
"firmware": ("spi0", 0xb40000),

variant = args.variant
if variant is None:
variant = config["def_variant"]

bin_dir = args.dir
if bin_dir is None:
bin_name =
if variant:
bin_name += "-" + variant
bin_dir = os.path.join(artiq_dir, "board-support", bin_name)
bin_dir = os.path.join(artiq_dir, "board-support")

variant = args.variant
if variant is None:
variants = []
if args.srcbuild:
for entry in os.scandir(bin_dir):
if entry.is_dir():
prefix = + "-"
for entry in os.scandir(bin_dir):
if entry.is_dir() and
if len(variants) == 0:
raise FileNotFoundError("no variants found, did you install a board binary package?")
elif len(variants) == 1:
variant = variants[0]
raise ValueError("more than one variant found for selected board, specify -V. "
"Found variants: {}".format(" ".join(sorted(variants))))
if args.srcbuild:
variant_dir = variant
variant_dir = + "-" + variant

if is None:
client = LocalClient()
@@ -310,12 +324,14 @@ def main():

programmer = config["programmer"](client, preinit_script=args.preinit_command)

def artifact_path(*path_filename):
if args.srcbuild is None:
*path, filename = path_filename
return os.path.join(bin_dir, filename)
def artifact_path(this_variant_dir, *path_filename):
if args.srcbuild:
# source tree - use path elements to locate file
return os.path.join(bin_dir, this_variant_dir, *path_filename)
return os.path.join(args.srcbuild, *path_filename)
# flat tree - all files in the same directory, discard path elements
*_, filename = path_filename
return os.path.join(bin_dir, this_variant_dir, filename)

def convert_gateware(bit_filename, header=False):
bin_handle, bin_filename = tempfile.mkstemp(
@@ -337,15 +353,15 @@ def convert_gateware(bit_filename, header=False):
for action in args.action:
if action == "gateware":
gateware_bin = convert_gateware(
artifact_path(variant, "gateware", "top.bit"))
artifact_path(variant_dir, "gateware", "top.bit"))
programmer.write_binary(*config["gateware"], gateware_bin)
if == "sayma" and variant != "master":
rtm_gateware_bin = convert_gateware(
artifact_path("rtm_gateware", "rtm.bit"), header=True)
elif action == "bootloader":
bootloader_bin = artifact_path(variant, "software", "bootloader", "bootloader.bin")
bootloader_bin = artifact_path(variant_dir, "software", "bootloader", "bootloader.bin")
programmer.write_binary(*config["bootloader"], bootloader_bin)
elif action == "storage":
storage_img =
@@ -356,16 +372,16 @@ def convert_gateware(bit_filename, header=False):
firmware = "runtime"

firmware_fbi = artifact_path(variant, "software", firmware, firmware + ".fbi")
firmware_fbi = artifact_path(variant_dir, "software", firmware, firmware + ".fbi")
programmer.write_binary(*config["firmware"], firmware_fbi)
elif action == "load":
if == "sayma":
rtm_gateware_bit = artifact_path("rtm_gateware", "rtm.bit")
programmer.load(rtm_gateware_bit, 0)
gateware_bit = artifact_path(variant, "gateware", "top.bit")
gateware_bit = artifact_path(variant_dir, "gateware", "top.bit")
programmer.load(gateware_bit, 1)
gateware_bit = artifact_path(variant, "gateware", "top.bit")
gateware_bit = artifact_path(variant_dir, "gateware", "top.bit")
programmer.load(gateware_bit, 0)
elif action == "start":

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