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small scaling fix

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1 parent 9018d7d commit c74f904bd6aeb9a4a9a229e8890e7613678c22db Wolfgang Spraul committed
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248 cad/box_artwork.sla
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9 cad/printing_notes.txt
@@ -12,10 +12,11 @@ on how to create the final PDF file for printing.
--- box_artwork.sla
-box.dxf is the outline used for the box die-cutting. We import
-it into Inkscape to then save as a temporary .svg file, which we
-can then import into Scribus as the initial outline in
+box.dxf is the outline used for the box die-cutting. Import into
+Inkscape - note that you need to uncheck 'Use automatic scaling to
+size A4' and a scaling factor of 1.0. Then save as a temporary
+.svg file which can then be imported into Scribus to form the
+initial outline for box_artwork.sla.
Steps to create print-ready box_artwork.pdf:

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